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    Check out the movie on Disney channel to see a 4th generation Treo.

    When Brittany's favorite singer, Jordan Cahill, comes to town to shoot a music video,While coming out of the studio Brittany and Jordan assistant accidentally run into each other, switching her cellphone With Jordan PDA. With Jordan PDA in their possesion, the girls tamper with Jordan's life, changing his schedule and restyling his image.
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    no picture of it?
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    It's a silver Treo. Didn't look like a new version. It has souped-up movie graphics on the screen, but look like a regular (silver) Treo to me.

    I actually watched most of that movie - rather cute really - and my 6 year old daughter immediately recognized the phone - "Daddy, that's the same phone you have!" (She's already a bit of a geek, can you tell?)
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    Nah, you have to watch the movie, does TV and lots of other cool things. Best watched with a 7-10 year old.
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    LOL... don't be fooled by what you see in the movie, those are just the typical special effects they put on computers for movies... LOL
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    My daughter did the same thing. "Hey dad, they have your phone in this movie". We paused the movie when they had a close up of the Treo (I just love Tivo!). The screen graphics are completly CG. I also noticed that they removed the Handspring / PalmOne logo in the upper left and the Treo logo in the lower center (just below the screen). I guess PalmOne didn't want to pay for product placement.

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    Just happened to be watching the Disney channel that my 1 yr old was kinda sorta watching and there it was!!!
    The ENTIRE movie, Stuck in the Suburbs (still going on) was about the Treo and how it fell in to the wrong hands. It was really funny to know about the real Treo and laugh at some of the graphics they had inserted in its place (including watching TV, snazzy caller ids, etc) and some of the more conventional button sounds.
    Oh yeah, this teen girl finds the phone and instantly starts working it like the back of her hand
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    check out the posts underneath hahah

    Cell Phone
    by - MoonDancer7 (Mon Jul 19 17:20:52) Ignore this User | Report Abuse

    I was just wondering what kind of phone was Jordan Cahill's? I just wanted to know because it's like really cool.
    Re: Cell Phone
    by - ryanmalgarni 4 days ago (Fri Sep 3 05:34:38) Ignore this User | Report Abuse

    I think it was a treo, they can be found on the internet, i priced one tho and they were like $500
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