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    I'd like to install my car kit. But call me old fashioned, im trying to avoid my battery getting charged everytime i plug the Treo into the craddle. Has anybody the pin out of the Treo's connector, so that i can disable this "feature" ?

    Help will be appreciated
    Tx Bodo
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    With the battery the treo has it's supposed to be better for it to constantly top it off.
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    Thats what they write everywhere in each manual. Probably to make purchases of replacement batteries or at all a new device necessary. Even with LiIon batteries, my experience with all those gadgets shows me the opposite side ... . At all, the batteries on all my toys last even after 2 years of intensive use nearly to their original capacity. And i all handled them with the same care like an NiCd batterie (unload full - load full).

    So if anybody has the pinout (even if mobody believes me), i would be very thankful.


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