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  • Yes, I'll happily ditch my 600 and go Ace!

    121 53.54%
  • Yes, in fact i'm didn't get a 600 an will go directly to Ace.

    11 4.87%
  • Yes, but I'm content with my 600 and will go Ace when my 600 breaks.

    75 33.19%
  • No, I love my 600 and see no reason to go Ace.

    16 7.08%
  • No, Treos suck!

    1 0.44%
  • No, I don't have a 600 now but I'll get it when the price is lower when Ace comes out.

    2 0.88%
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    I'm just wonderring with the speculation of Ace coming out this fall perhaps, what will you do?

    I'm in Canada so it's probably not until February when the Ace will come out with Rogers. I think I may be an early adopter but all signs point to me being perfectly content with the Treo 600 despite the low res screen; it doesn't make the phone less functional than a hi-res PDA. I guess my answer is that when I have reason to get a faster CPU and go back to hi-res (like my previous Tungsten T), I'll get the Treo Ace.
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    I'm staying put. The only intriguing thing to me about the Ace is the hi-res screen but it's not enough to make the switch.
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    Agreed. I think the 600 will still be a heavy favourite amongst business people. I'm able to edit documents and watch videos just fine on the 160 squared, and the 144mhz processor, although a bottleneck sometimes, is just fine for me. The breaker for me to get the Ace will probably be battery life. Will it still get good battery life with the faster CPU and higher res? Also, my one year contract dictates I have to wait until July of next year anyway. But in all, my 600 stays until it no longer has the staying power, but right now it has lots of power. Perfect device.
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    I will most likely jump to the Treo Ace when it is released on Verizon due to being the company I work for "carrier of choice". It makes no sense for me to switch to Verizon until then as I happy with my GRPS Treo. So really I'm trying to get a double wammy when I upgrade just to stop hearing it from my company.
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    I don't upgrade phones that often, the only thing that would get me to upgrade would be if it became pretty cheap to purchase. I'm talking less than $200.
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    If I can upgrade from the 600 to the Ace for $400 or less, I'll probably talk myself into it. If the upgrade will cost me more than that, I'll stick with my very capable 600.
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    Quote Originally Posted by guessed
    If I can upgrade from the 600 to the Ace for $400 or less, I'll probably talk myself into it. If the upgrade will cost me more than that, I'll stick with my very capable 600.
    I'm with guessed ...
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    can't wait to jump. if the rumors are true, im so ordering ther first chance i get.
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    Guess it's a split between who will get it right away, and who will get it later for various reasons.
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    Only if it arrives at VZW.
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    I just resigned my contract with t-mobile for another year so I'll wait it out. If the elusive ACE does surface then I will put myself on pre-order. After all, Its all about getting your toys NOW!!
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    Forgot 1 Category.

    Wait 18 month after treo 600 to get the 150 back from sprint.

    I just got my treo in Feburary so i need to wait till August next year till i can get treo ACE.

    Dont really matter anyway it will be lauch end of this year and proabaly mostly available in spring so just a few month wait.
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    The high resolution alone will make me switch as soon as it's available.
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    I will get one the day it comes out for Sprint and sell my current one to someone here in the office.
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    Assume that broken means either physically broken or the contract is over, meaning the contract will finish well after the Ace is expected to be released by your carrier. I guess ditching means you have a fully functional, good condition 600, and you still have time on your contract which you will pay a penalty to cancel for, or you don't have a contract but it is still fully functional.
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    Ace, Ace, Baby!
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    If the Ace has a better Vibrate, I am sold.

    Otherwise it will depend on pricing and my Sprint Contract is up in Dec so I may just let it expire and get a new one if need be. (I don't care about the loss of phone #)
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    Damn everyone wants to ditch their Treos right away. I might as well join the bandwagon, minus Canada's mandatory technology wait. :P

    At least no one thinks Treos suck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hall316
    I will get one the day it comes out for Sprint and sell my current one to someone here in the office.
    Same deal here. But I'll Ebay my 600 instead.
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    I'm all over it...really excited. I am not particularly faithful to any particular platform, UIQ, PPC, or Palm. I just want the best device...the only competition at this point is (maybe) the BenQ P50. I want a candybar form and it has to have GSM 850. I LOVE the form of the XDA III...the slide keyboard is great, but no GSM 850.

    EDGE will be a big point for me. I imagine that in 18 months, I may even switch to a CDMA carrier when EV-DV devices start hitting the market
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