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  • Yes, I'll happily ditch my 600 and go Ace!

    121 53.54%
  • Yes, in fact i'm didn't get a 600 an will go directly to Ace.

    11 4.87%
  • Yes, but I'm content with my 600 and will go Ace when my 600 breaks.

    75 33.19%
  • No, I love my 600 and see no reason to go Ace.

    16 7.08%
  • No, Treos suck!

    1 0.44%
  • No, I don't have a 600 now but I'll get it when the price is lower when Ace comes out.

    2 0.88%
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    None of the PalmOne BT devices support BT keyboards yet, so don't hold your breath. but the ability to use BT headsets would be nice, so long as they make a new stereo BT headset, otherwise I'm sticking with wired stereo street style headphones.
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    no no ... I meant a bt keyboard for my computer... the Logitech combo has an actual bt access point that allows other devices outside of the keyboard & mouse to pair with it. Sorry for being ambiguous there. The Microsoft BT keyboard & mouse only supports the kb & mouse itself and doesn't function as an access point, whereas the Logitech does. That's what I was getting at.
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    i would do it right away if palm does a trade-in program like handspring did to it's faithfull previous customers.
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    ohhh Well I already got a usb dongle, u can find one on ebay for under $40.
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    all depends on likely battery life, have a look at reviews of the TT's and other hi res devices, they all come up great aside from battery life. I had a TT before and I was having to charge it every day and a half even with moderate use. I can't imagine how bad it would be with phone usage / email downloads on a daily basis. So I'll update but only if there is some serious battery life improvements for hi rese devices.
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    I don't mind charging every night, and I do like the way the standby seems to last forever so you can stretch the life for a few days if necessary. I assume the Ace will manage power the same way even if it uses it faster in normal usage. I'll probably upgrade when my contract is up, I would definitely consider the Ace but I'll also look to see if the issues I had with Microsoft Smartphones have been resolved by then. I jumped from them, but I could jump back. Some aspects on them are better than the Palm way, it was the instability which killed it for me.
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    Go here if you're tired of being .
    It'll be fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrDoom

    Ain't that the truth, ain't that the truth (especially the best phone part. Lollll)
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrDoom
    LOL! I'm definitely with you there buddy If it's new, I gotta have it.
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    Believe it or not, the Tungsten T2 is the high-res champ and lasts longer than the Treo 600. It had a lithium polymer 900mAh battery, and according to BatteryTIME v1.84 benchmark (9:26), it outlasted the Treo 600 (9:09), Tungsten T (4:17), Tungsten T3 (3:37), and Zire 72 (4:25) which has the exact same specs as the rumoured Treo Ace. Only the original Zire (12:26) and HandEra 330 (14:36) lasts longer. So high-res with long battery life is possible. Notice that the Tungsten T and T2 used the TI OMAP processors, original Zire the Motorola processors, and the T3 and Zire72 the Intel X-Scale processors. The OMAP processors seem to be more "fuel efficient", although the Zire 72's not so bad.

    They better bump up the battery capacity in the Ace if they're going to put a faster processor and high res in, but the Tungsten T2 proves that it's possible to still get good battery life with hi-res.
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    once we get some new fuel cells, we will see massive improvements in technology, but currently that is the major limiting reactant to technological progression, frankly
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    I just got my treo in february. Fall is a bit too early to be upgrading such an expensive device already, regardless of the features. I'd like to get at least a year's use out of it, if not more. Then I'll move on to the ace. The specs sound nice, but my treo is meeting my needs just fine right now.
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    I just got mine in june and would not hesitate to upgrade. For all the new features, especially the upgraded camera and hi-res screen, it's worth it to me.
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