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    Just activated my VZW Treo 600, and one of the first things I noticed missing from the Palm home screen is Address Book. Having used the Kyocera 6035 for the past couple years, I really liked the old Address Book it had, and my HS Visor before that had the same application.

    I figured out that to get to your contacts one needs to punch the Phone button then use the navigator to go to "contacts", but whoa, am I the only one who thinks the "Contacts" list is way lame? It just lists everybody by last name, alphabetically. If I want to find somebody, I have to manually andvance screens until I find them. I have over 1,000 contacts! There are no alpha tabs to make this easy, nor is there a search function (unless it's in one of the menu's, which again isn't very user friendly - so much for using it with one hand, like they claim you can). This reminds me of having an old Rolodex, taking all the cards out of the holder, removing the alphabetical letter tabs, placing all the cards in a stack, then trying to find somebody's phone number.

    First question: Am I doing something wrong? Second question: What happened to the Address Book app? Third question: If Palm 5.x doesn't include an useable Address Book program, what third party programs are available that would sync with MS Outlook?

    Thanks in advance.
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    well, I don't have a VZW treo, I have a Sprint one, but I can't imagine Verizon would change the firmware. I did have a 6035, then a 300, and now the 600.
    Here's the scoop on the Treo - you're right in that there's no 'Contacts' app - the thinking is that you can look up contacts simply by entering a few buttons in the 'Phone' app, and the address book searches and brings up the relevant contact that way. Make sure you have your Prefs/Display Prefs setting in the phone app as 'typing starts Contacts search'. That way, all you'll have to do is mash a few letters (like - JDO for John Doe) and that contact will come up. I'd also suggest that you change the display prefs in the Phone app to 'Display Wallpaper', after assigning the left most app button to the 'Phone' app.

    Good luck - that should do ya. Let us know what happens.....also, note that the concept of the Palm Home Screen is less required with the 600 - you'll find that designating apps as 'favorites' in the Phone app, and then using a program like 'Butler' to be able to pull up those designated apps by a single key press, from within any application, is much more useful than going back to the app picker screen all the time.
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    Thanks. That helps a lot. BTW, how does one change the wallpaper?
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    while in the phone app - menu/options/display preferences,and then your wallpaper box will show up. You can pick any image that's on your device - any other pictures you've taken with camera, or any other wallpapers you've installed on the device.
    If you do a forum search on wallpaper, you'll find a ton of stuff.
    I'd recommend playing around with the various menu commands (in all the apps), and seeing what happens when you change things. that's the best way to see what you can do...
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