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    I posted this in the new apps bulletin to see if it can be done.

    What if while on a call..
    when going to place someone on hold..
    an mp3 is automatically played for them??
    They wouldn't even HAVE to actually be on hold but
    just for them to not hear anything from your mic only the mp3 or ringtone?!
    How's that sound?
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    it would be very good and what a way to show your mates the tune you have just downloaded but dont know hoe relistic it is. can it be done? any one want to try?
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    I'd give a nice donation
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    hey isn't this a dupe thread?
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    nope... it's a dope thread. haha. But no I wanted to post this where the movers and shakers of the treo app creation world can swing past and maybe ponder on designing an app or add-on that can perform a feature such as this
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    I for one like the idea.

    Would be a fun application to have ion the Treo.
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    I suggested a similar idea to Apple about a year ago. I told them to put the number buttons under the scroll wheel of the iPod (kinda like an old-style rotary phone), then they could use the existing form factor for their iPhone. When someone was on hold, you could play them an MP3 from the iPod side.

    Well, Apple put the buttons under the scroll wheel alright, but I'm still waiting for my iPhone... Sounds like a great way to go.

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    I wonder how hard it would be to have it done on the treo

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