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    Just ordered this case and was wondering if there are openings for the 600's mic. at the bottom and the ear-protrusion hole at the top of the phone. I ordered the full plastic covering and did not see any openings for the ear-hole at top and the mic. hole at the bottom. On the Treocentral-store website pictures of the case I can see all the other openings: cable-sync, headphone, camera, etc. But I couldn't make out from the picture whether or not there are openings for what I stated above. And, while I'm waiting for the case - for those of you who use it - do you like it?

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    on my one it has a opening for the ear peice but not the mic which can be a pain but i dont really use it any more i m not really a case kind of man
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    i have this case and love it. there is a cut out for the mic and the earpiece. i talk on it all the time and have had no complaints of people not being able to hear me. the plastic overlay is a bit thick so you're more likely to use the D-pad instead of relying on the touch screen. not a big deal though, the D-pad is made to be used. i think it's a great case and offers 100% protection since it doesn't slip out and keeps the treo fully covered. the zipper closure is nice and overall it's a great fit (very sleek, not bulky at all). the clip is removable and doesn't stick out very much.
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    I wish you could remove the metal piece entirely on the back of that case. I would use it more if that were the case.

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