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    Here are the particulars:
    I have a "Verizonized" Sprint Treo 600 that works flawlessly. I use my anytime and n&w minutes for data.

    I haven't put on an e-mail solution for work mail, but use AOL for Palm for personal mail and when finished, I go to Pref- Connection- Disconnect and the green arrows disappear. I just installed Handmark Express and really like the application. However, even though I have it set to "Automatically Disconnect" after updating, the green arrows do not even go into Standby mode (gray arrows) so I am forced to manually disconnect in Preferences- like I do with AOL.

    My question(s) is the following:
    For anyone using Handmark Express, does it automatically disconnect after updating? does it go into standy mode? or remain active connection? Also, please advise what provider you are using.

    Finally, is there any software that will REALLY disconnect the network connection upon siging out of AOL or after updating Handmark Express? Is there a hack or DA written to do this?

    I read on another thread that SnapperMail will REALLY disconnect the network connection upon retrieving your mail. Can someone confirm this?

    I want to set my Treo to update Express early in the morning and then automatically terminate the connection when complete. When I leave for work it is already past n&w minutes and the update will be using my anytime minutes. It is a great application, but the active data connection issue may become troublesome.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks...
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    I saw a reference to the application Sprint Treo 600 Connection Manager and gave it a shot ( although it says only compatible with Sprint T600). Anyway, it actually seems to work well. I set it to disconnect automatically after 10 seconds of idle time and after Handmark Express concluded its update, walla, arrows first went gray and then shut off in about 10 - 15 seconds. Next I will try it with an e-mail program on retrieval and see how that goes.
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    Using Treo 600 Connection Manager and it works awesome. Coupled with Phone Technician, I set the radio to turn on at 5:00AM, run an automatic Handmark Express Update at 5:01, Connection Manager disconnects idle network connection after update and then Phone Technician shuts radio off at 5:05AM. I turn the Treo & Radio on around 6:45AM and all Express channels are up to date and it was done during free N & W minutes. VERY COOL!!!

    I see I am prolonging my own thread here, but hope this now helps someone else... :-)

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