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    Hi There,

    I have been having a very annoying problem (which derives from another very annoying problem...).

    Every time I loose all my data (happens about once every couple of weeks when I run out of battery) and perform a HotSync to give "life" again to my Treo, it re-installs files that I have deleted long ago from my Treo.

    This is even more annoying if you take into account that the putting together all the files I have ever installed and deleted on my Treo accounts for way over the built in memory, so I always get some kind of error.

    I sync my Treo 600 with a Powerbook G4, I have no idea if this is a Mac related issue or if it could be general.

    I would really appreciate a solution.

    Thank you!
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    it's reinstalling them from your backup directory.

    1) remove all the unwanted programs from your Treo
    2) hotsync
    3) delete everything from c:\palm\<hotsync id>\backup directory
    4) hotsync

    this should do it.

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