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    I've been using PCS Business Connection for about a year, with a good number of stability problems. Lately, though, the client software for my PC refuses to load; on starting it generally just freezes up and I have to ctrl-alt-del; sometimes it will come back and say it can't load up.

    I've talked to Sprint tech support, who told me to reinstall the software, which didn't help. My own work computer people have tried to help, but no dice.

    Does anyone have any ideas on this? I love BC when it works, but stability has gone from bad to non-existent!


    Andrew B
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    I know it won't help much but I have been running BC and the Seven Beta for a while now without problems. Have you tried to remove the desktop BC software and Outlook? I have seen wierd things happen with Outlook that are only solved by a complete deinstall/reinstall. Your problems may be more related to Outlook than they are to BC. BTW: what version of the Outlook client are you running? I have had good luck with 2002 and 2003.
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    Could be a virus problem. Did you run a scan?
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    I'm using Outloook 2002. Haven't tried a reinstall of that, but that's a possibility.

    This morning I installed Symmetry Pro, which is a bit like Business Connection. The desktop client is running fine and I'm getting email on my Troe. The Paul program interface isn't nearly as nice as BC's and I don't know how much Symmetry Pro costs (I'm on a trial now), but it could be a second-best solution.

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    Just looked at the technical whitepaper and this service is very similar to BC. One nice feature is the addition of rules. Very nice to have this filtering capability over the transfer of emails to the T600. It however costs $12.99/month. A real premium over the $5/month for BC. This would however be a good alternative for a user that is on a carrier that does not offer BC/Seven.
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    jeffgibson - to what service are you referring? Which whitepaper? Was it Visto? Just wondering.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by nrosser
    jeffgibson - to what service are you referring? Which whitepaper? Was it Visto? Just wondering.....
    I was refering to Symmetry Pro that agbiggs was talking about a couple of posts above.

    Looks like the software is from infowave:


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