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    Now that security is tightening at arenas, it is getting tougher and tougher to smuggle in the DAT/MD devices. I'm wondering whether there is any value in using a Treo 600 with a large SD card to record concerts? Nobody will stop you from taking a phone into the concert... at least that's the hope...

    I'm also wondering how easy it is to attach a decent mic to the treo - how exactly does that port on the bottom of the device work anyway (stereo headset adapter looks identical to the earpiece/mic - so does the 2.5mm stereo jack have multiple uses depending on what is connected to each pin?)

    The key questions would be:

    1) How much interference does the treo create when an external mic is used (ie. how clean is the recording).

    2) How does the treo behave when supplied with audio from a more professional mic (is it easy to overload the microphone circuitry?)

    3) What mic would you use

    4) Can the stereo headset adapter act as a stereo microphone adapter?

    5) How long does the battery last in record mode?

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    Very cool idea, not sure about how to attach an external microphone to the T600. However, when recording concerts, it's generally a good idea to use a battery box for the external mic to prevent "stonewalling". That's when the mic is overloaded by very load volumes and distorts horribly. Although you can find a very nice battery box (read "small"), it does add bulk to the rig. There's also the problem with getting the external recording equipment into the gig.

    You may want to check out the site's Live Recording forum for ideas.

    Good luck!

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