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    I have Power Run on a trial and was wondering if it's the best application to run programs from my SD card.


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    I use Launcher X.
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    Arrow Launcher & zlauncher also let you run stuff from SD. I have to say I don't really undserstand why people use PowerRun!
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    MSmount and it's free
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slartibartfast
    MSmount and it's free
    When MSMount5b7 is enabled, any time I launch FileZ on the "Palmcard", my Treo 600 resets. So it does not work for me.
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    i have been a user of silver screen for a long time now ever since it was first out. and every need i have ever had from a lanucher it has provided it combines both the internal apps and the card apps which is great for me as i store most of my things on the card to save memory
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    I use ZLauncher and have been happy with it. You can store the program files on the SD card, and just make a shortcut in the application launcher. It well.
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    I agree SilverScreen is fantastic. It seems to be the best of the launchers.

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