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    So, I'm still waiting for BB to stock a T600 so I can get a trade in on my malfunctioning (But still usable) T600.... I stopped by last week, and the woman working the Cell Phone counter said that they don't have any, nor did she expect any to come in anytime soon as their warehouse was also empty. She expected that it had to do with the upcoming release of the Treo 610 (Her words, not mine).

    Not that I think that this is any big indication or confirmation of ANYTHING, I just want a working Smartphone.

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
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    Weird..most I ever had to wait was 3 days with best buy.

    Also weird because I though PalmOne announced that they increased their production output.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorv
    She expected that it had to do with the upcoming release of the Treo 610 (Her words, not mine).
    Man, where are you located or where is this Best Buy store located?
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    Didn't this very site post a new article in the past week that everyone has pleanty of 600's? Last time I saw this kinda thing happen was when I was really enjoying my Tungsten T and there were rumors of a Tungsten T2 coming out. I thought it was total bullspit. Then comes the Tungsten T2, T3, E -- so who knows
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    where is this bb in illinois and ny they carry the treo
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    Its in Newport News, VA... They still have the model out on the shelf... And its not like they know that I'm trying to replace an old one... Only the people at the return desk know that.

    Its weird... I wonder why the BB's in my area (and I've checked the other ones, too) are all out of stock?
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    you know i have a friend who was in the same situation he took the display model and was very happy with it, best buy let him have it, and then when they got more they put up another display...maybe you can go that way
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    Here in the Wisconsin area, we are having the same problems with Best Buy, soon as they get in the store they are right back out the door. Most are for people waiting for a replacement; the others are on hold for pickup.

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