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    For those of you with experience, can you share the names and functions of your favorite apps? I have had good experience with Snappermail and Jot, two functions not provided on the Treo 600 from Verizon.
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    There are lots of other threads that cover this topic...try a search.

    With that said check out:
    Chatter (push imap and IM)
    Datebk5 (enhanced calendar)
    zLauncher (take the time to set it up)
    Butler (alert manager and alarm clock)
    eReader (read books on the palm)
    TreoOnOff (schedule the wireless radio)
    WebViewer (really fast browser)
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    My Mac-Treo apps are:

    TreoCallLog - desktop app that reads your Treo's Call Log

    Pilotinstall - cold install from desktop without HotSync
    iSync - Address, Cal and ToDo's
    Palm Desktop - Memo's only
    Missing Sync - Desktop Mount of SD card, iTunes, iPhoto
    Adobe Reader for Palm OS - for PDF files.
    Documents To Go - Word, Excel
    Pocket Quicken
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    Good call with TreoCallLog! And how well does Adobe Reader display PDFs? I have to try that now too.
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    My top aps are LifeBalance, Datebk 5, Audacity personal edition, Missing Sync, ePocrates and endnote. All of these work good for the Mac-Treo600 user.
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    This is my list of applications and components that can communicate between the Mac OS X desktop and the Palm Treo.

    I have posted a list like this somewhere on TreoCentral before, but my list keeps growing and the applications keep changing.


    I want it to sync the separate calendars in iCal to DateBook or Agendus and keep them categorized. Not bad though. It’s a necessity if you are using iCal or Address Book with Palm software.


    For syncing Calendar and To-Dos. Why-oh-why can’t Apple get it together and let the separate “calendars” sync up with “categories”. This really bugs me yet I continue to use it just because the interface is better than Palm Desktop or even Now Up-To-Date.

    Address Book

    For syncing addresses and the like. Ehh, it’s OK. I use this in conjunction with iSync because this address book is used system-wide on OS X. That is convenient.


    It is so dumb that I even need this, but iSync will not take the birthdays from Address Book and sync them into iCal. Soooo, you need to get this program to do it for you. Really nice though – you can leave the settings at the default and let it fly.

    The default name of the Calendar they are placed in is “Birthdays” (appropriate). You can choose how you want the birthday alarms set up for visual messages, sounds and e-mails. There are other settings too.

    Sync Entourage-iCal

    Here is a possible solution in keeping iCal calendars in line with Datebook categories. Have not yet tried but I will eventually; unless Apple adds to iSync’s capabilities – or Missing Sync adds to theirs.

    “It allows you to maintain Entourage as your centralized Personal Information Manager while at the same time taking advantage of the direct access provided to iSync, iChat, iPod, .Mac online, and more by OS X's iCal. Almost all Entourage fields sync to iCal and back, with any unmapped fields recorded in event Notes. You can also sync Entourage reminders to iCal alarms, including Email alarms. You can keep both applications in constant synchronization by running the script at any time, or automatically every night if you wish.”


    At this point, I primarily use this desktop app to archive the Call Log database on my Treo so I can delete old records… and then view them later using TreoCallLog. Lets you analyze your usage. Like, maybe looking at the calls for the current month, the program will tell you how many minutes you have left in your plan. My billing cycle ends on the second day of each month, so in looking at my usage after just syncing a few minutes ago… I have… hmmm, I have 2 minutes left. Ohhh. Wellll… the program is “kinda” cool. It will also estimate what your total minutes would be by the end of the billing cycle based on your previous usage.

    Missing Sync 4 for Palm OS

    Some nice stuff like Desktop Mounting on Mac OS X, which lets you transfer files way faster than a HotSync operation. The new 4.0 version comes with a TimeCopy conduit to keep your Treo’s clock in sync with your desktop.

    Also an iTunes plug-in that lets you copy MP3s, WAVs and Ogg Vorbis songs to your Treo.

    ALSO has great integration with iPhoto. If your Treo has an SD card and it is mounted on the desktop, all you have to do in iPhoto is hit Command-Shift-I to import or Command-Shift-E to export in order to shuttle images back and forth.

    The 4.0 release ALSO has a MemoPad desktop application that syncs with Palm’s Memo Pad application. Yaayyy!!!


    This application and conduit actually lets you “sync” (in the true sense of the word) photos back and forth between handheld and desktop. Handheld also has pan and zoom along with JPG support for Treo 600 e-mail programs, and a nice, flexible browser. Also comes with it’s own desktop application but if you have the iPhoto plug-in that comes with The Missing Sync for Palm, I would just use that because it’s a better app all the way around. Or, you can actually just drag and drop between SplashPhoto and iPhoto.

    Speaking of Splash


    NOW AVAILABLE. This too now has a Mac desktop application along with a conduit. Just released this weekend. This is so cool. I love the “Types” pop-up for organization. And it uses 256-bit Blowfish encryption.

    DataViz Passwords Plus

    I don’t have this one but thought I would list it here as an alternative. Keeps your PINs, passwords, credit card numbers, bank accounts, frequent flyer info and everything else locked up using 128-bit Blowfish encryption. Comes with the desktop app and synchronization as well.

    DataViz Documents To Go

    I will eventually upgrade to get the desktop interface (to go with Microsoft Office), but at this point, I have only used the free applications that came with my Treo 600. They certainly have a wide range of choices to upgrade to though. Check it out:
    DataViz Office Professional - $89.99
    or DataViz Office - $69.99
    or Premium Edition - $49.99
    or Standard Edition - $29.99

    Wow! Some of those are getting expensive.
    If you are willing to pay money like that, I will go on to list the following, WHICH I personally have not tried.


    VizSync Address Book
    VizSync Date Book
    VizSync Memo Pad
    VizSync To Do List
    Idea Manager

    These are all cross-platform conduits to FileMaker Pro. Not plug-ins, just conduit functionality to link Palm stuff to FileMaker Pro on either Mac OS X or the Windows platform. I have not tried these nor would I recommend them to most. I am just posting them…
    I don’t know…
    I guess for a laugh because they’re each $70! Perhaps someone needs this kind of purely “business” oriented functionality though.

    FileMaker Mobile

    Really clean layout. Syncs information between your Treo and local FileMaker Pro databases. Love it. This consists of a conduit and Filemaker Pro plug-ins. The plug-ins let you choose which fields and such you will export from your main database. So essentially you have to save then sync. This 2 step process is fine though because it gives a chance to tailor your information that you move to the Treo.

    HanDBase Conduit for FileMaker Pro

    I have tried HanDBase with my Treo 180 but have not used it since. I use the FileMaker application and conduit, but maybe HanDBase would be better for others here.

    Cleaner 6

    This is $550 Mac application that I do actually use for projects. It’s a high-end audio & video encoding app with professional filtering & encoding presets. They have a bunch of presets for Kinoma and it saves the resulting files as a .pdb document for playback using Kinoma Player for Palm. So if you wanted, you could skip the $29.99 that Producer 2 for Mac OS X costs and go straight for the grand master of all encoding.

    Kinoma Producer and Player

    So… yeah. This will work for the Mac too and is only $29.99 Not a bad price in order to watch movies on your Treo 600. And as you probably know, the player for the Treo is free.

    Shadow Planner

    Excellent outliner/planner/organizer/whatever. Has a desktop app for Mac OS X that is coming along nicely. I’ll add more about this later.

    QueueSoft applications and conduits

    A bunch of different conduits and apps that might be worth checking out:

    One that is probably really handy is iPalmPhoto for accessing your photos that are backed up from syncing. You must go to the Camera’s preferences and check the box marked “Back up pictures during HotSync process” in order for this application to have photos to access and convert.

    iPalmMemo provides syncronization of Palm Memo Pad with their desktop application called iPalmMemo. I tried iPalmMemo once but it left a bad taste in my mouth. I screwed up and lost all my memos because I set up the conduit wrong and as luck would have it, I did not have a current backup (from syncing) at the time. I also used to use Queue Sync on my Treo 180 to transfer Microsoft Office Excel documents to MobileDB documents on the Treo 180. Surprised that Microsoft has not put the kibosh on this yet. On the other hand, you can probably now use Microsoft’s version if you want.


    Microsoft has conduits and such to sync the Treo with Entourage X or Entourage 2004.

    Time Courier 1.0 for Mac OS X

    Automatically sets the time on your handheld to match the time on your Mac with each Hot Sync operation (and your Mac can of course use a network time server to sync with an Atomic Clock via System Preferences). No separate Palm application, just a conduit.


    Allows you to automatically match your Palm OS clock to that of your desktop computer, so that your clocks always stay in-sync. This one utilizes a separate Palm application but works with both Windows and Mac OS platforms.

    Mail Courier 1.1 for Mac OS X

    Synchronize your emails between Entourage v.X and Palm Mail.


    Play audiobooks, radio programs, audio magazines and newspapers on your Treo 600. Tough to track this down for the Mac platform though. Follow these instructions to get the app for your Treo and the plug-in for iTunes that will let the Mac and the Treo smoothly communicate:
    1. Click on Help Center in upper right-hand corner of main page. 2. Then click on “Find an Answer”
    3. Enter the following phrase (without the quotation marks) into the Search Text field:
    “How to enable support for Audible on my Palm-based handheld for Macintosh”
    4. Then click subject 1
    5. Scroll to the bottom of the resulting page and look for “File Attachments”

    This is the only place on their website to get this file. How inane!?! Once loaded though, your Treo will show up in the “Source” window of iTunes and you can freely transfer your stuff back and forth.

    The only logistics involved is to have iTunes running and THEN start Audible on the Palm. When you start Audible on the Treo it connects instantly and the icons show up in iTunes within 2 seconds: one icon labeled “Palm OS 5 Handheld (Main)” and if you have a card, there is one labeled “Palm OS 5 Handheld (Card)”. It takes 2 minutes and about 10 seconds to transfer a 29MB Audible book, which is 8 hours of content. Keep in mind this is using a B&W 350Mhz G3 PowerMac (5 years old) so your speed may be better. Sign up for a trial membership and cancel within a month to get two free Audible books to use on your Treo or on your desktop. I went with The DaVinci Code (Unabridged) and The Second Coming of Steve Jobs.

    LipSync 2.0

    Sync Contacts, Calendars, and ToDo's between Lotus Notes, Apple iCal, the MacOS X Address Book, Apple iPod, PalmOS PDA's, cell phones…
    Do not know much about this as I do not use Lotus notes but I figured I would post it here since I was aware of it.


    The following description is from their site:

    “offline Web and e-book viewer for Palm OS® based handheld devices and PDAs and comes with Unix, Linux Windows and Mac OSX tools, scripts, and conduits that let you decide exactly what part of the World Wide Web you'd like to download onto your PDA (as long as they're in standard HTML or text format). These web pages are then processed, compressed, and transferred to the PDA for viewing by the Plucker viewer.

    Plucker supports many features, including clickable images pan and zoom, italic and narrow fonts (even hi-rez fonts), multiple concurrent databases, configurable display parameters and stylus options gestures and hardware button navigation.”

    You can do things like download the entire Celiac Recipe Database and even add to it. This app is more powerful and useful than the description reveals. It even comes with a distiller so you can essentially put anything on there that you want.

    Palm Reader Pro for eBooks

    Mac OS X and Palm app for reading those ebooks – Treo or Mac OS X.

    ScsShot for Macintosh

    Screen capture utility that syncs to your desktop while converting the image to either PICT, PNG or JPEG format, whichever you choose.


    SoundPix Mobile – Treo Edition lets you use the Treo’s camera to take a photo. With the application installed it then gives you the option to record sound for as long as your storage space allows. It actually embeds the sound into the photo file which is saved as a JPEG. I thought this was going to be too gimmicky but it is integrated really nicely. You can even record sound into existing JPEG files sitting on your Treo or on the SD card. These sound-pictures can then be sent to others through email, the web, IR beaming, or right to your desktop. There is a SoundPix Plug-in for Mac OS X browsers that will allow you to view these JPEG images and hear the audio embedded in them. Very cool for insurance purposes. I’m working on documenting personal possessions and including an annotation with each photo placing a purchase and replacement value along with the item description. I then plan to keep these JPEGs online – not in my house, in case it burns down. I like that there is no typing or writing involved – especially after putting this list together; sheesh. Oh, and it’s also fun to use on biking trips or just playing around to send stuff to friends.

    The Treo Mobile comes across as an executable so you have to find a PC to get it installed onto your Treo. Figured this is worth noting in a list of software to use for the Treo in combination with the Mac. But once it is on there, you CAN easily access the stuff.


    I use this in conjunction with PalmVNC. Well, I don’t really USE it per se. But it allows me to connect to my desktop and see it in a scrollable 160X160 pixel screen size. Very cool. I can see everything that is on my desktop and can use my computer while away just as I would if I was sitting down in front of it. I hadn’t really found a great practicality for this until about a month ago I needed to respond to a job requisition really quick. Logged into my home machine and e-mailed my Treo a previous letter I had used to then alter a bit and send off to the company. Didn’t actually get the job (yet) but it was satisfying to accomplish such a task.


    A small utility for the Treo to delete all sorts of unnecessary files and folders created by MAC OS X if a memory card is mounted as a drive – though not necessary if you have Missing Sync installed on your Treo.

    I will end this list with an application that I cannot wait to try with a new Treo 650:

    The Salling Clicker!

    Too much functionality to even begin to list here. This is what Bluetooth was meant to do. If we only had Bluetooth NOW.

    Wow! I didn’t realize I have this much stuff until I compiled this list. There are only 4 of the above that I have not tried. The rest I stand by and would not hesitate to recommend.
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    Wow, found this old thread. Anyone have any new apps to add?
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    Wow. What a list. I too have Cleaner 6. I did a quick look but didn't see the Kinoma presets. Are they hidden somewhere, or maybe I need to update?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MacUser View Post
    Wow, found this old thread. Anyone have any new apps to add?
    Password Wallet <>
    Well, i know lots of people seem to like splashID, but I can't stomach its UI. Horrendous. Password Wallet has been syncing to a Mac -only desktop app for years, and has a very clean, nice interface.

    The only thing i don't like about the app is that unlocking it on your Palm (authenticating) requires quite a bit of dexterity. You have to click this tiny little padlock, and then try to enter your password.

    That said, I've tried all the password and personal data encrypting "wallets" for Palm and Mac, and really find Password Wallet to be the most elegant and straightforward of the bunch. It's really good.

    Pocket Quicken (can't live without it.)


    I would say if it weren't for Pocket Quicken and Password Wallet (and perhaps A Zillion Kajillion Rhymes), I would have left behind my Treo for a Nokie E61.

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