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    My Treo is set up so that I don't display the favorite buttons on the phone application. This way it maximizes my wallpaper and removes some of the clutter and puts the connection/time information down underneath the wallpaper. However, now when i go to check the time, I have to bypass the keygaurd every time to see the time/date info. It seems that the keygaurd was placed so that it would cover up the favorite buttons area.

    Is there a way to move around elements on the Phone application? IE: Move the Keygaurd notification up on the screen, or move the wallpaper down on the screen so I can show the date and time without having to also display the favorites?
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    You can try Butler. It has an "alternative keyguard" which just displays a key in the lower right corner instead of the big box like the default keyguard.
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