Here is a letter I wrote to VZW today regarding their lack of Mac support, overpriced service, and horrible wireless sync application. I encourage everyone to write similar letters complaining about Mac deficencies and hoepfully someone will hear us.

"To whom it may concern,

I have been a loyal customer for over 7 years now. When I heard you offered the Treo, I signed up immediately, however I have three MAJOR complaints about the new offering:

1. Your Macintosh support is pathetic. The reason I chose a Palm-based smartphone is because of their inherant Mac support, and it seems that Verizon has gone above and beyond to make that Mac-sync as difficult as possible. (see #2 for example).

2. Your new Wireless Sync offering is TERRIBLE. Not only is it literally impossible for a Macintosh user to use, but it's Treo application is overly complex, faulty, and horribly designed. The application interface has confusing menus, within menus, within menus; there is way too little instruction or documentation. The web interface is slow, clumsy, and awkward to use; not to mention that it doesn't work.

After working with the application/web interface for 2 hours now on a borrowed PC, I am going to delete the whole thing and pay to use an outside vendor's solution. Not only was this a waste of time, it also messed up the PC I borrowed to try installing and locked-up my Treo.

3. (Most importantly) The data plan prices are WAY to expensive. $44.99/month for unlimited internet access and $24.99/month for 5mb internet access with a voice plan is far beyond what any of your competition is charging. (For comparison, Sprint PCS charges $15 per month for all data (inlcuding unlimited web/email, but also unlimited SMS, and picture messaging... both of which are extra fees through the Verizon plan.)

Although I have been a satisfied Verizon customer since it was GTE wireless, with all these problems and way-above-market-rate pricing schemes, I am seriously considering a switch to Sprint.

Please reply ASAP with how Verizon is going to rectify these issues in the near future, and reasons why I should stay with Verizon.