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    Can anyone recommend a good/cheap travel alarm clock. Nothing fancy, just something that I can program for a certain time and it will wake the Treo when the alarm goes off. A choice of which tones (even mp3s or just the built in MIDIs) would be nice.

    I don't need skins, fancy calendars, multiple alarms, etc...just something simple.

    Essentially a wake-up call to my Treo.

    I had an app on my Palm IIIxe called "Travel Clock" I believe, but it doesn't appear to still be around.
  2. #2 about creating an appointment in your datebook for the date/time you want to be woken up?
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    I use Bob's Alarm. It's worked great for a few reasons:

    1) it has a snooze feature: just tap the screen.

    2) you can have multiple alarms so I can set the "when I want to get up" time, and the "when I really, really need to get up" time.

    3) It supports the concept of "local time" and "home time". I leave my treo always set to "home time", but Bob's allows you to set a local time. You can then set the alarm times to 'local' time, so there's no math necessary.

    I haven't played with tones, but I'm pretty sure you can set the alarm tone to whatever you want to.
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    TREO BUTLER (now know as Butler).
    I used it on China and Taiwan when on bussiness to wake up each morning.
    Treo Butler has A BUNCH of cool and needed features, you may want to look at it and see.
    I use the Alarm, Volume key chager,LED voicemail alert, KLaunch and a couple more. Even though I don't use the alerts (I use Treo600alertMgr for that), is works very well too, from what I gather.

    Or in a pinch, use the datebook, just be sure you enter a name for the event, if you set the alarm and not enter a name for the event, when you exit, it will erase it.
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    I have been using Bogclock for 6 months now. I travel Internationally, and it is my only alarm clock. It works great and it's free at Palmgear.
    Take a look.
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    Sorry...I should read before I send: Bigclock, not Bogclock........
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    worldmate has it all for me it has to be the best app for traveling or if you have family in different countrys like me
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    I second the vote for Butler - an indispensible utility that includes a simple alarm clock and is really well supported by the developer.
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    I love Butler, but use Bob's alarm for my alarm clock. It's cheap and packed with features.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    I love Butler, but use Bob's alarm for my alarm clock. It's cheap and packed with features.
    Same here. I have several alarms set throughout the day to remind me of stuff. Works great.
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    Well, you have to admit, PabloTx, you asked and the forum responded..........
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    I use World Clock, and I have used it for the last 3 years. In my opinion it is the simplest clock/alarm that can be used. I travel to Europe quite often and switching locales takes a simple pull down choice for a city. This selection then updates the system time on the PALM. And then boom, you're in business for that locale.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I used Butler on my recent trip and it seemed to work (the tests I did the night before worked, but I set the alarm for 5:45 and woke up at 5:00 AM so I never really got to see if it would wake me).

    Seems to do the job, and has a few other features, so I'll probably purchase it.

    Thanks again.

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