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    Before getting The Missing Sync, I transferred a bunch of mp3s and pictures to my Treo's SD card by mounting the SD card in a card reader. Unfortunately when it transferred the files, also included was a bunch of "duplicate-looking" files which began with "._" or "." (for example .DS_Store or .Trashes).

    My question is this: How can I prevent this from transferring every time I want to send things to my SD card? Is there a setting to turn it off when transferring files to external media? (I know that I can get a program like FileZ and just delete them all, but I want a way to prevent them from happening in the first place.) Also, will mounting a SD card through The Missing Sync alieviate this problem altogether?
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    These files are *please don't be upset if this isn't exactly correct* UNIX files. They don't show in the finder because they are hidden files (signified by the dot at the start of the filename), and are written as standard by Mac OS X in every folder. You can delete them with filez, but every time you mount the card to your desktop, they will be re-written. It is the same when you write a cd and view it on a pc, you will find those files there.

    These files are tiny and harmless, so i would suggest just ignoring them. Can't tell you about Missing Sync, cause I have bever used it.
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    The .DS_Store files hold the information the (Mac) desktop (i.e., the Finder) uses to keep track of file position in the enclosing folder, type of window display (icon, list), etc. It is information for the enclosing folder.

    The ._ files are also created by the Finder, when it copies a file with both a data and a resource fork. A picture file that holds all its picture data in the data fork may also have a tiny resource fork which holds a custom icon picture for that file that the Finder uses when it shows you the file on the desktop. Think of a jpg picture you have that shows a tiny version of itself on your desktop when you look at it in its window on the desktop. All non-mac OSes will just ignore the ._ files but if you ever use the Finder to copy the jpg back to your Mac, it will also take the files ._ file, and recombine them when it makes the copy (and your jpg will regain its custom icon).

    There's no program on the Palm that I know of that will automatically remove the files; I just remove them by hand after I've finished using my card reader.

    Bill S
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    The only problem with deleting them by hand is if you transfer whole directories to the SD card, which means you haev to go directory-by-directory and delete all the little buggers.

    I suppose if I was more programming-inclined (I am a graphic designer by profession) I would write an app for the Mac OSX or one which sits on the Treo/Palm to automatically search and destroy this little files.

    I am going to test The Missing Sync tonight, but I am guessing that it won't help much. Mounting an SD card usually always works the same way.
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    I use Palm Insider rather than FileZ, and it's pretty trivial to select all the dot files, which sort automatically to the top of the file listing, and delete them with one click.

    If I weren't so lazy/busy I would write a little app for the Palm to do this (it would really make much more sense for it to be on the Palm, not the Mac).

    Bill S
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    But I guess my complaint is with Apple, who should have something built-in that removes all that crap when burning/moving files to another system. The reason why I suggested something on the Mac, is that it also happens when transferring info to a CD (for a PC user) or when moving files on an iPod between systems... But yeah, it would make sense for the Palm as well...
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    The Missing Sync correctly removes all "._" and "." files on the SD card after adding or transferring files, as long ad you mount the SD card through their interface. But a seperate app would be nice too, if all you want to do is remove the offending files on-the-go.

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