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    Does anyone know how to change the icon that represents the Treo 600 within iSync? (Right now it displays a Tungsten-something and I want a more custom Treoo 600 icon.)
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    That would be a pretty cool hack.. I looked through the iSync package, and while I found an imac and a .mac icon, I was unable to find image files for the palms and phones... hmmph.
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    I looked around in /Library/Application Support/SyncService, and ...Palm Hotsync, and couldn't find any obvious icon files either.

    I suppose it's possible they only used a single icon for handhelds, but you'd think they would have planned for different ones...
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    I know they used to have an old Plam Vx logo in there in older itterations of OSX (because that is what I was using at the time), but I agree that they probably just use one standard icon for everyone. (Probably just whichever handheld Palm is currently pushing at the time the program update is released...
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    looked in the Package Contents and couldn't find it.
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    I am posting a suggestion to Apple now. Hopefully they will add icon options in the future. (

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