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    With my 7135, I could highlight the number in any app running on my smartphone (memo, JFILE DB, Sheettogo Spreadsheet) and press the phone button to make the call. Some of my contacts were accessible from a SD card. I could also highlight a website and press the phone button and launch a browser.

    It doesn't appear that I can do this with my Treo 600. The Treo must recognize the number and highlight it for the dialer to be launched.

    Can someone give a Treo newbie some help on this one?
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    Check out Takephone

    It's an amazing phone app relacement program for the Treo 600. It comes with a small application that allows you to highlight telephone numbers anywhere on the Treo and dial them with a simple push of a button.
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    TAKEphONE is great, you need the free OS5 extention to do what you want. It also works with 2Phone too.

    You could also use TST (TreoSelectText) to highlight the number, then Copy and then switch to the phone app and Paste.
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    Great! I'm a long time user of TAKEphONE so I'll download the latest Thanks!
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    You want the TAKEphONE OS5-Extension
    Let us know what you think Beryl

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