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    A few odd things are happening with the status light.

    1. I first disabled the old version and then deleted it. I then installed version 1.9, re-registered and began re-setting all my preferences. The LED option was set to "fast green" by default. Normally it's been set to "Leave" as the default, which is where I leave it.

    2. Now I seem to be getting a random fast blinking of the LED. It's not happening all the time and I can't seem to isolate what's causing it. But I definetly have the LED set to "LEAVE" not fast blinking.

    I seem to notice it most immediately after I've hung up an incoming call.
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    1.91 will be up shortly which doesn't start the LED by default on fast green.

    As to the unexplained alert - I can't reproduce it, other than the nag from phone technician.

    Does it go away when you press the centre key?

    There is an issue where webviewer causes attention grabber alerts - but this doesn't sound like that problem.
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    Well for starters I'm not using Web Viewer so I know that's not it.

    It's hard to isolate. I usually find it necessary to press a few buttons to get the LED to return to its default state. The HOME button usually does the trick.
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    I have problems. I tried 1.80 and 1.90. After installation the Treo goes into an endless reset. I had to remove these and revert to 1.75. What are the possible problems?

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