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    What does "Use Double Buffering" mean and what happens when it's checked??? (Prefs > IBM Java VM > WebViewer)
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    I don't see that in the WebViewer menu. Is it in the Midlet screen or Webviewer screen?

    I did see a reference to double buffering on the Reqwireless website. It had to do with changing the settings in the IBM WebSphere Micro Environment application launcher for hi res devices.
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    It's in System Preferences. Select IBM Java VM and select WebViewer from the dropdown there. (That's also where you can increas the memory )
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    Double buffering has something to do with the way your device handles images. That's the best I can do without doing a search and some reading.
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    'Help' under the IBM Java Preferences menu says "a double buffered canvas draws more smoothly while sacrificing some drawing speed".
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    ah nice. thanks! lol. my bad. who reads the "help" menus anymore when u can get help here!

    you want to try it out and tell us how your double buffering experience was?

    ya i'm appointing you as the guinea pig
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    OK, your turn. Did you increase your memory and if so, did it have any effect?
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    ok before i do, what does "Set Maximum Java Thread Stack Size" mean? it's set at 2Kb right now...(under the Set Memory Maximum setting...scroll down)

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