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    Missing Sync was essential in getting my info from my Treo onto my Mac. Lame that Palm was too lazy to provide a sync solution for Mac users. This isn't 1999. I suppose it was $40 well spent, because it worked really well. I say "worked" because I ditched my Treo 755p for an iPhone 3G in August. Not sure how I would have move all my data otherwise.
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    Oh there's a sync solution for Mac users - it just stinks. One revision actually messed up my home folder.

    Long live Missing Sync
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    Lets see if things liven up with the announcement of WebOS and Pre..!
    Blackberry owner now. Past Treo owner, 3 models - ran screaming for the hills after encountering WindowsMobile on a Treo 700 - that killed the Palm passion instantly. Mac user but feel the iPhone isnt good enough yet. A Hardware qwerty keyboard fan.. I'm not ready to type on glass just yet..
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