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    Welcome to TreoCentral's new Developers Corner forum.

    As we all know, the shortcomings, and the power of the Treo Smartphone have offered developers countless opportunties to develop new applications and accessories for the Treo. With new applications being developed weekly, it's about time these hard working developers gain their own forum.

    So please, developers feel free to use this place to post betas of applications, or brand new ideas all together. TreoCentral has almost 30,000 eager members to help shape your application. Many Treo utilities started right here here on these forums.

    If you would like a private forum, either password protected or public, please contact Michael Ducker at, and we will create a sub forum of this forum specifically for your application.

    If you're a normal user, watch this forum for new software or post your application ideas here. Maybe one of them will turn into something big!

    Thank you, and please comment with any ideas or suggestions that you have for this forum below.

    -Michael Ducker
    Senior Editor,
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    Why does the forum listing say there are 14 threads and 24 posts in this forum?

    Anyway, thanks for this form. Hopefully, it'll get some good use.
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    The old posts are becuase this forum existed before, but we took it down after it died from lack of posts. The climate for developing Treo applications has changed since 2002, and we now want to bring it back to help focus users and developer's efforts.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Why can't I see the sub folders for this forum on my Treo ?
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    In the mobile version, the Sub forums do not show-up! Why?
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    I can't see them on the mobile forum either, por que?
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    I see the links in Blazer on the mobile forum, but all the developers aren't listed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Relbik
    I see the links in Blazer on the mobile forum, but all the developers aren't listed.
    Thanks for the head's up. Mobile link added.

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