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    I have been using a trial of TreoGuard to turn off my screen during calls, and it had been working quite well, but has now stopped. The screen will go off at the specified time but come back on within seconds. I have uninstalled the fakecarkit and reinstalled it, and am going to reinstall TreoGuard as well.

    Is there any other program that is reasonably priced that can do this properly?
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    TreoGuard is the way to go IMHO. Been using it since it first hit on my CDMA version Treo600 w/o a hitch. Matt
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    The only other one that does it is Sandman and it needs "fakecarkit" to work properly as well.

    However, Sandman isn't as good, IMHO because you have to manually engage the screen off feature each time.
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    Have you contacted the developer? I use it and have no problems. It is set to turn the screen off after 30 seconds. I have the latest ROM release on the Sprint Treo 600. Ben
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    The problem might have something to do with alerts from LightWav. This morning I had a calendar alert ring with an MP3 from LightWav and when I hit OK the music stopped like it should. However, when I hit the Phone button the Treo reset it self. Immediately I get a phone call, before I got to re-enable LightWav (I didn't set it to automatically enable itself) and TreoGuard was unable to keep the screen off during the call. I had to re-install FakeCarKit, but that didn't work. I deleted FakeCarKit, the installed it again and now everything is fine. I'm sure this will happen again though...

    I'm using 1.4.1 of LightWav, Version 1.2 of TreoGuard trial version, and Pocket Tunes 2.3.2 Basic (in the event that has anything to do with it).
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    Phone Technician is another option for turning off the screen, but I personally haven't had any problems with TreoGuard either.
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    I downloaded the treo guard also and I thought I had the problem solved I tried writing the developer he could not find a problem I am guessing u have a sprint with the new update 1.20 go 2 palmgear and download (notcarkit) it's free this program is different then the fakecarkit this will solve your problem don't go pay another program let me know if it works for u
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    Have you tried out Energy Dimmer? Haven't tried it myself, but I hear the auto-off feature works fine.
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    Actually I have the GSM phone from T-Mobile. It came with firmware 3.05 though...

    I will try "notcarkit" instead as well...

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