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    I'm having huge problems with my Treo. When I first got it, I made one phonecall in Norway, on Netcom GSM, and then I went for a trip to Denmark...The phone went into "network search" mode and kept draining the battery. So I had to let it run out of battery and leave it for the next week.

    Now I'm back in Norway, and it seems I'm never gonna be able to get it working again...ever...whenever I press the wireless button it comes up with not enough power or something like asked for a sim code at one stage, which i couldn't I changed the simcard, but the phone doesn't ask for a code anymore....

    tried hard reset several times, the 1.12 ROW is already installed, and seems like the only option is to send it back there anything else I can try?? can it be a unlock problem of some sort?

    Called palmone today, and they couldn't give me a estimate of how long time it would take to repair....any experience with this? going crazy here, as I need to have a phone

    Hope someone can help!!

    Best regards
    Jorgen Follestad
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    by the way...could it be a problem with the firmware?....whats the difference between firmware 3.05 and 3.06, and they're both with ROW 1.12...don't really understand this....
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    "Network Search" is a common, fatal problem for Treos. Not sure if you have an option to take it to a Carrier's store and get it swapped out real-time, or if you have to wait for Palm One...

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