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    I have been looking (waiting) for the perfect profile application that eliminates the need for me to remember to switch my profile. I have different needs for different days (weekends - don't need everything to turn on at 5 am like during the week), different time periods (work - need everything quiet, after work need ringers much louder), etc. So, in order to complete my 'no need to think' profiles, I am using a combination of 3 programs:

    TreoHelper - allows for radio control to be different on different days of the week (this is missing on Profeo600Lite) plus TreoHelper has extra neat things

    Profeo600Lite - allows for scheduled ringtone volume changes. (this is missing on Profiles, which I really like best of all but I have to REMEMBER to use). Profeo600Lite would be perfect for me if I could have different settings for the weekends than the weekdays for both radio control and ringer volume.

    BrightCam - automatically changes screen brightness based on environment. This was more of a cool application than a need. I could have gotten away with Profeo600Lite.

    So unless I have missed something along the way, three programs to help me not have to think about my phone is not so bad. But I wish everything I needed was in one program.
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    Great Info...Thanks! This type of info is the reason TC is so valuable.

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