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    Quote Originally Posted by JoJo_78
    Then it's a bug

    I don't want only the people in my phonebook to have an MP3 ringer.
    Then my phone will use LW only half the time because in most cases people call me from offices, pay phones and numbers that I may not have saved...I really wanted to elliminate the Midi ringtones but was willing to have just the "no caller ID" calls assigned Midis for the simple fact that I remember Smiley saying that this issue is palm related and not LW.

    Is this possible Smiley?
    Can I have LW only not handle the "no caller ID" calls?
    These are the only calls that crash the long as a number shows up it's's just when the "no caller ID" calls come in and LW's "do not handle unknown callers" is not ticked off that the treo resets.

    Most (or all) programs have bugs. The important thing is that when you do make the developer aware of such bugs, it is fixed.
    And I can more than testify to the fact that LW's been great at it.
    This is truly a great app!
    If this is the case then do this

    1. in the Treo prefs in lwav. check "do not handle unknown callers" this includes no callerID and unknown callers.

    2. in the Phone app sound->Prefs menu

    3. set the unknown caller to a MIDI sound

    once you have set this from then on midi sound will be for unknown callers.
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    If I do the above this is what happens:
    * I get a call from unknown callers -> both Midi and LW plays.
    *I get a call from a "no caller ID" -> Midi plays, LW doesn't.

    Do you understand what I mean now?

    -I DO want LW to handle the unknown callers (callers not in my address book), I just don't want the Midi to play too.
    -I DO NOT want LW to handle the "no caller ID" as it crashes the phone.

    Is this possible?
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    Smiley88: Can you please acknowledge my situation? I believe my previous posts explain it well enough. If they don't, can you please let me know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smithj41
    No major problems here either with 3.0.

    The only issue which I deem is very minor is that when I receive mail in snappermail it plays any mp3 on my card even if I do not set an alarm. You can set LWav to play random sound, but in my case snappermail does not have a soundfile selected in lwav. Even if I set a soundfile in the LWav alarm section snappermail still plays a random sound.

    I have the same problem but it's with all alerts. After sounding the normal treo alert sound for snappermail or a datebook notice I'll get a full playing of a random wav/mp3 file from lightwave.

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