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    There have been several discussions comparing the audio recorders (here and here and here and here, but be cautious because some sleazy software authors post rave reviews of their product without acknowledging their connection with it). As was pointed out, not all of them had true one button recording (through the keyguard!), where recording would start when you press or press and hold one button no matter what state the Treo is in (screen off/on, another app, etc.), and you aren't forced to press more buttons after the recording has ended (enter filename, do you want to save this?, etc.).

    When I last checked a few weeks ago, only the free SoundRec had true one button recording, but judging from its Web page it appears that mVoice 1.2.1 has fixed its keyguard problem and now might really support one button recording (I don't know if there are post-recording prompts).

    I find that SoundRec gives a lot of crackling in recordings while driving, less if I turn the mic sensitivity WAY down but it really needs some filtering. Has anyone else recently compared the recorders for sound quality while driving, in combination with true one button recording?
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    I evaluated most of the recording programs out there and Audacity won hands down. You do have to press two buttons. But the beauty is that you can set a quick alarm so that your message plays back to remind you of something important. And the sound quality is exceptional. Put audacity into the treo favorites and assign a key to launch it. The all you have to do is hold down that key and hit the right button of the 5 way to start recording. Hit center to stop recording and play back. Then up key of the five way if you want to set an alarm. It's so simple I use it all the time to leave reminders for myself.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thank you for your comment. When you recommend Audacity, was it based on "sound quality" or other factors? This was the question in the original post. I am also interested in comparisons of "sound quality". I have suffered from the crackiling that was mentioned, when recording from a land-line speaker-phone.
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    Soundrec is awsome and the price can't be beat (remember to donate!). I do see some problems with it. If you are a serious recorder user you may want one of the commercial offerings.

    The one-button recording works some of the time. It seems that you have to have run soundrec once since rebooting (which happens often on palmOS unless you maintain a generic config). I often find that the one-button recording doesn't work when I need it most. It will work fine when I test it.

    I also see the crackling problem. I got around it by decreasing mic sensitivity and increasing sound quality but that makes for FAT recordings.
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    I vote for Audacity too. The overall sound quality is the best compared to the file size. The overall ease of use is the best part. Mainly the implementation of the navigation pad. The function depends on where you are in the program and what you are doing, but generally pressing center is play, pressing right is record (or go forward), and pressing down is stop (or go back). It is very intuitive and after a day of use, I could use it without looking. I tested all the other programs and I found that jumping from one function to the other or one file to the next was a difficult process with many key presses. Audacity makes this process much easier. I wrote a complete evaluation of the available programs and posted it earlier in this thread if anyone is interested. It is call "An evaluation of the 5 voice recorder programs".

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