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    Just had a friend send me a request for contact information update thru a service called Plaxo. Looks like a great tool or service but I'm suspicious that my data is going to be missused or it would screw up my synch with my Treo 600.

    Anyone out there using it or heard about it?
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    I learned of Plaxo the same way you did - a user sent me an update request. I looked into it, and I use it now. I like it. I have 900 contacts, and Plaxo updates my outlook when other Plaxo users contact data changes. I have had no problems with Treo syncing.
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    Be very careful. I stopped using it after all the rumors about them selling data. People claim their number of spam mails grew significantly after joining Plaxo...

    See the text below from an article on cnet news...

    Earlier this year at PC Forum, critics asked pointed questions to Plaxo board member and former Yahoo executive Tim Koogle about the company's business plan. Koogle's nebulous answers seemed only to heighten suspicion.

    Some venture capitalists have asserted that the opportunity for making money through such networks is limited.
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    I have seen Plaxo cause problems when working with multiple Outlook profiles on the same machine. The Plaxo plugin sometimes doesn't properly terminate leaving the Outlook process running. This means that you cannot load a different Outlook profile until you end the associated process tree. Disabling the Plaxo add-in made the problem go away.

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