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    I am on my third 600 in the past 5 months. I had buzzing problems on the first two, which Treo support acted like they had never heard of. They thought it might have something to do with using my THB car kit - you have to just about break the phone to get it into the holder. Now I find this thread and find out the buzzing is a common problem - no doubt a design flaw.

    Anyway, I get this third one in and it comes with a busted speaker - sounds like your old car stereo when you blew up your speakers. So now I guess I'm going to be on my fourth unit. PalmOne has a FAQ on this, which means to me it's a design flaw. Their fixes are things like "turn your speaker volume down" (that ain't it!).

    I wish they would just give me my money back, but the Indian/Pakistani I always talk to says no way. You can't get any supervisor with any authority.

    If you are reading this and considering a Treo600 or 650, I would encourage you to find some other phone/pda. These suck.
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    As one of the many more happy than unhappy customers. The TREO600/650 is by far the best combination of phone and pda.
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    dgel - you are correct, there are many happy 600 customers. The guy that recommended a 600 to me was one of the first users and still has his original unit, now a whole one year old. He's very happy with it, but does talk about some minor problems that are beginning to develop.

    But don't you wonder when you read so many of the previous posts about people, like me, who are on their 4th, 5th, 6th or even 7th units that there is something seriously wrong with either the manufacturing or design of these things? When there are whole discussions and home-made fixes around how to keep your sim card from popping out; how to stop the buzzing, etc. you just have to wonder if Palm hasn't put out a flawed unit.

    I've been talking to several people that have chunked their Treos and Blackberries and are going back to the small phone with a separate pda. I'd be one also, but I can't afford to throw away a $500 unit. Maybe, as many others on this board have suggested, the way to get rid of it is to put it on ebay and hope to get a couple of hundred back on this bad investment in bad technology.
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    Does this fix the problem of buzzing headsets on Sprint T600s? I've tried several brands of headset, including the more expensive version recommended by PalmOne, and all are prone to buzzing. Just curious if the fix recommended above by Xiaobin fixes this problem too. Anyone?
    --- Baba
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    Is this the same intermittent buzzing I'm getting when I place my phone near a landline speakerphone or a telephone and the speakerphone starts buzzing?
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    I've been having the same problems with buzzing and I'm on my third Treo 600. I usually don't even hear the buzzing but the person on the other end hears it very loudly with my voice faint in the background. It's incredibly annoying and I've told my company it is being thrown in the trashcan if they don't upgrade me soon. Our IT guy said it's a software issue with the 600 and that the 650 with Sprint seems to be fine. I hope so because as much as I adore my Treo, I'm getting incredibly sick of the calls that never connect, the endless rebooting that occurs and the horrible buzzing that makes it impossible for me to have a conversation on my phone about 60% of the time.
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    I had the buzzing problem starting march 2004 when my treo600 was 3 months old. I tried the foil modifications, with only little succes.

    I think i have a solution that is much better: replace the original (bad)
    battery with 3 x NI-MH cells size AAA from a electronics shop.
    (solder them together)

    Your self-made battery is a little smaller and fits into the original place.
    The best is that this battery costs only 10 euro's and
    all the buzzing and gsm problems will be GONE !!

    The service on this point of Handspring/Palm sucks a lot, because it is not possible (in the netherlands) to order a replacement battery from them.
    They offer only a send-for-repair option, costs at least 100 euro's.

    Good luck !
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpartanSpirit
    ** Update ** There are a set of directions online at (mostly in English-translated Manderin) that are absolutely accurate on how to fix the buzzing in your Treo 600.

    While I was very nervous to crack my precious Treo literally in half (ok, that sounds dramatic -- it was simply five Trox 6 screws), it all worked out in the end. The fix was not only simple to execute, it immediately solved the buzzing issue whenever I used my phone.

    And trust me - for those of you who were/are going through the same situation, there will be a point where it drives you crazy enough to want to just fix it IMMEDIATELY.

    It takes about 10 minutes total and is a complete DIY solution!
    Unfortunately, the fix does not always work. I followed the instructions step by step. When I got the 600 back together, I had lost connection with the battery (red X over the battery icon) and my SIM no longer recognized. Sadness.
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    just got a replacement treo600 due to the buzzing...took like 7 days and now i have a brand new one. they were even going to give me a 650 (but thats not available for Aussie yet)
    blue jean baby, LA lady
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    The links to the fix don't work any longer. Can some one post the fix here or email me at
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    Sweet mother of god this buzzing is irritating. I was so tired of people telling me how bad my phone sounded and finally I found this thread.

    Yeah, the original links are dead, but here's a permalink.
    Gonna try it tonight.

    Wow, ufo8mycat is PRETTY...
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    For those trying this, there are also plastic tabs that hold the treo together, two on each side of the case. These can be depressed with a blunt object (e.g. a flat bladed screwdriver) to open, once the torx screws are removed.

    The "rap 5-10 times on palm of hand" reduced but didn't eliminate my buzzing, and the aluminum foil, wrapped with tape, seems to have
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    Two days later, the aluminum foil fix is still working for me. It is so nice to have the phone working again.
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    My buzzing problem started recently but it was because my battery was drained low already. It stopped right away when I plugged the phone into the wall in a call.

    I think the problem is an ailing battery. After time, its not supplying enough power and causing the chips inside to not run effectively well.
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    Swap the unit if you can. T-mo took some convincing -- they had to call me twice to experience the buzzing for themselves, but they ultimately arranged for a replacement. Regular (free) shipping arrived in 2 days. Quick and painless.

    Buzzing: gone. Battery life problem: gone. Signal strength problem: gone. Scratches on old unit: gone.
    parenthetical guy
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    I don't see how it could be an ailing battery, when it is fixed -- with the same battery -- using the aluminum foil. My battery life has been fine.

    One possibility is that it is slight corrosion in the battery connector, which is removed and reattached by either replacing the battery or wrapping the connector in foil. This could reattachment could easily eliminate any slight corrosion. I didn't see any, but that doesn't mean there wasn't any.

    I didn't have a replacement option -- I bought mine through the "replace the 270" offer from Handspring 18 months ago, and it seemed unlikely they'd replace my unit.
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    I did the fix and now I feel like I have the phone worth what I paid for. The only tense time was opening the back cover. the four tabs (2 per side) have to be respected. And the volume buttons on the side are touchy as well. They always say remove the cover when they really mean "Watch yer arse, mate. The back cover is a *****."
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    Quote Originally Posted by cenz
    I too had the problem of the noise during phone calls. most of the tikme people whith whom I was talking complained that they couldnt undeustand me.
    I' have tried the hard solution proposed by binxiao and now I want to thank him: no noise at all and everything works fine. I just want to notice that in his very precise instructions it is not clear how to put back again the piece rubber that holds the pen. From the picture it seems that it has to be placed with the little tounge directed outside and I've lost 5-10 minutes triying to close again my treo until I realized that it has to be placed with the flet part directed outside and the little tongue direncted inside.
    compliment for the simple and effective solution.
    The buzz on my 600 was so bad that I could not use the phone. I did the procedure suggested by binzaio and it worked. The buzz is gone! In response to CENZ post about which direction to reinstall the rubber piece which secures the stylus, I tried the Cenz suggestions but I think that he is wrong. In the end I inserted it with the "little tongue" directed outward and I think that is the correct way to put it back together. Good luck to others trying to eradicate the buzz!
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    My buzz returned. I opened the treo, removed the battery connector, straightened it a bit (it was pretty twisted), replaced the foil with a double thickness (regular aluminum foil) and the buzzing is gone.

    I think the rubber tongue points in, not out. It fits perfectly that way. The pressure of the long rubber connection keeps the stylus firm but removable.
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