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    If so, can you respond here or here ?

    This takes you to a link in the Multimedia section to a thread I started yesterday. I notice that the Multimedia section only has like 2 people viewing it mainly, whereas this section has like over 50 at all times.

    Heres basically what I need help in:
    The VX7000 can record video and sound and it can go send it back and forth between another VX7000 or another similiar phone (thru VZW).

    I have a Treo 600 and I had my girlfriend send me a video from her VX7000 but when I got it, it said some error about not being able to view a .3g2 file.

    Now my girlfriend is mad cuz she wants to send video/sound back and forth and since I just got my Treo 600, I may be forced to return it and get a of you geniuses here can help me out with the following:

    1. For the Treo 600 I need a program that can view/convert .3g2 files so that I can view video/sound files sent to me from a VX7000


    2. I need another program that will allow me to record video/sound and then convert it to a .3g2 file type and then be able to send that to a VX7000

    I would like to think that what I ask is not something so complicated...I hope


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    I have a feeling I'm going to be screwed and that I'm going to have to return my Treo 600 and get a VX 7000
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    I am not aware of a Treo program that can play .3g2 files. 3G2 is one of the standerd formats for cellphone video; I believe that both quicktime and real can play them on a desktop computer.
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    Then...can I run a quicktime or real on my Treo 600? If so, then would I be able to view a .3g2 file?
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    Everything you wanted to know and then some:
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    Real only has an audio player for Palm OS, quicktime and windows media do not have Palm compatible players.
    -Michael Ducker
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    Man this totally blows. This looks like I have no choice but to return my Treo 600 and get a VX7000...or maybe a Moto V710, but still its not a Treo. Oh well
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    Let me get this straight, a boyfriend and a girlfriend want to send video to each other... and this is so important that he his willing to go through the hassle of returning a phone... I wonder what the content of these videos are.. wait on second thought, no I don't.


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    yeah i guess on the surface that does sound lame...but i forgot to mention its a long distance relationship...i live in la and she lives in orlando...the relationship has been goin on for 4 years now...shes got a couple years left before she finishes her nursing school then we'll be able to see each other everyday...but until then the only thing we can do is send pictures..but now we can send video and thus, i need to have a phone that can do that
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    Below is a copy of a post I made in an earlier thread...

    3GPP and 3GPP2 is just a ways to transfer mpeg4 files over "3G" networks like gprs or cdma2000:

    The files are in Quicktime format and are easily convertable...Anyway, I'm not sure if there are any players out there that natively support 3GPP/3GPP2 streaming on PalmOS yet (maybe MMplayer in the future); however, I recall reading somewhere that a new Samsung PalmOS smartphone would. There are also java midlets that do, but I haven't tried them on my treo...

    Anyway, if you could somehow save the 3GPP stream (perhaps with something like the Dottocumo recorder), you could then convert the 3GPP files to avi, divx etc to view on the Treo. There are converters like RiverPast that will let you do this:

    You can then convert the avi via kinoma producer or play the divx file via MMplayer on your PalmOS device. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any freeware converters. However, if anyone knows of one, please chime in...
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    Just tell her/sms her "Hey Baby looking good" when she sends you the video file, wait a while and when you get home watch it on your PC so you'll know what the hell she is talking about when she calls you later

    = )

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