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    Is anyone familiar with a conflict that will not allow for the peaceful coexistence (and use) of both Palm HotSync with a Treo 600 and BB Desktop Manager? I was just issued a BB through my organization that works with an enterprise server (Outlook) and I have to use both devices until the RIM software for the Treo comes out.

    I had some incredible difficulty in syncing my Treo after I had the BB software loaded. I wound up reinstalling the HotSync software and it is working, at least for now.

    Any comments would be appreciated!
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    How do you conntect your BB and your Treo to your PC? The BB (at least 957 and 857) generaly connect through the serial port. The Treo generaly connects through the USB port. IF both are connected to the same type of port you will have a problem...
    Hotsync manager does not play nice with other devices on the serial port. If you use serial for your treo, or if serial is checked in you setting for HotSync manager then you will not be able to sync the BB if it is on the serial port. Hotsync does not release the serial port (it is "always on"") THe BB will only use the serial port while desktop manager is running.

    YOur problem was resolved by reinstaling you had another palm device before the treo that used the serial port, thus leaving serial in hotsync manager checked. Once you uninstalled you got a clean hotsync install without serial checked.

    Hope this clears things up

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