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    After bravely standing up to more abuse then any piece of electronics deserves my poor treo has finally met its match. This damn little screw in my bike's saddle bag wreaked havoc on my screen yesterday. I called palm one to ask about the cost of repairing my screen and the $180 they are asking seems a bit steep considering my treo still functions fine (though running the stylus across the scratches is difficult). Its just very ugly (and reading the middle of the screen can be a bit difficult).

    However this is more than a few scratches and they are quite deep so I would really like to fix it. Does anybody know of anyone selling 3rd party screen replacements? Does anybody know if I can put in the screen from my old treo 300 (those are too small aren't they?)

    I hate my damaged screen but if I can't fix it for under $100 I will probably deal with it for six months until I can get my hands on an ACE (assuming it is for real).
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    Have you tried using wax or a buffing compound to get the scratches out of the screen or at least lessen them? I have a Visor Prism that had a nasty scratch in the glass and I was able to mostly buff it out to where it's still there but not nearly as big or annoying.
    Might be an alternative to try before spending a lot of money.
    Warning, it took a lot of rubbing to get it.
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    You might want to try the eye glass scratch "removal" products they sell. Also maybe if you place one of the plastic screen protectors on the display, it might reduce the "noticability" of the scratches

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