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    Ok I'm looking for a solution to a slightly odd (but probable not that unusual of a problem) It sounds like mailwave almost dose what I need but not quite.

    My situation, I have Treo 600 running on Verizon (man their wireless sync is half baked but could be so cool if they just finished it, but also dosn't quite do what I need).

    I have a work E-mail account that sits behind a very solid fire wall. I run outlook on my laptop and use IMAP to coordinate my mail folders on a our server (not an exchange server though).

    I (probable) need a way to have my laptop push the mail to to my Treo or have it pushed somewhere less so my Treo can retrieve it, and not have the headers all mugged like from auto forward or some such. Ideally some sort of IMAP table mirroring.

    Intellisync has a product that almost dose this (goanywhere) it lets any web enabled device get the information on your box's outlook client including mail folders, but it's all a pull model and it dose nothing to tell mw when new things have arrived (it also handles IMAP folders poorly), plus it has a annual fee, so swing but a miss.

    Dose anyone know a slick app or way to handle this issue. THere is no connecting from outside the firewall directly to the mail server, but anything short of that...?


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    There's a couple. Visto MEssageXpress works pretty good, but I prefer Seven. If you've ever seen the Sprint Biz Connection, it the same stuff. Those are both client side systems where you run an app on your desktop at work that redirects the email. The other ones are serv based and require your IT staff to hook into the mail servers. The Seven solution is still in beta, so the only real choice is Visto. Its $99 for the year for corporate email, $49 for POP and IMAP.

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