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    Looks really neat, but looking for real life use ideas. What will this do that a Palm PIM can't do?
    Anyone try it yet?
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    It seems that they are copying other people's ideas - similar application was released a month or two ago (I don't remember the name).
    Did you use Profeo today ?
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    I just installed it and its pretty awesome. They give you a 15 day full feature trial which is more than enough to test it out. It basically lets you control your treo from your computer and your keyboard.

    A couple things i just tried with it were making a call and puttin it on speakerphone without even touching the phone at all and taking it off the cradle which is very cool. Also it lets you do everything (cept calls) with the screen off so if your battery is near dead and you need to use it anyway you can still control everything from your computer.

    Also if you have dialup modem or you have computer access and not internet access you can use the treo internet or VeriChat.

    Overall its only semi-useful because if you have your USB cable hooked up to your computer you can do most of this stuff anyway.
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    The other application is called PDAReach, the vendor is Junes Fabrics, who also sell PDAnet.
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    PDA Reach looks cool too. Has anyone tried them both? I think mDesk is a little laggy on the computer side and takes too long to render on the computer screen. Anyone know which is better?
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    Tried both. I prefer PdaReach, it's slightly quicker, less prone to connection errors (for example it doesn't have a problem with Vikao and Softick PPP running on the PC, whereas mDesk continued to freeze), and finally it's 24 dollars instead of 40 dollars.
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    I work for MobilityWare and we also have a product that offers the same functionality as mDesk and PDAReach, you can find more information about it here:

    HandShare supports the Treo 600 as well as most other Palm OS 4.0 and 5.0 based devices.
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    After I install pdareach and/or mdesk, my treo will no longer synch. I have to delete and soft reset to maka it work again. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?
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    Haven't tried mDesk yet, but didn't have any problems synching with PDAReach installed. When doing the hotsynch PDAReach disconnects, probably because it can't run while the synch is progress. How are you performing the hotsync?
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    direct usb cable
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    pdareach can't connect either.

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