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    FastForward v2.0b2 Released!

    Enabled the scheduling portion of FastForward.

    See for more information.

    ------------- original message below ---------------


    I just released FastForward. It is a very simple application in which you can have your calls fowarded to a land line when you plug in your Treo 600 into a powered cradle or charger cord. When you remove it from the cradle or charger, it will turn off forwarding.

    It is great for home / office type situations where you can have all your calls come into one number when you have a land line available. It can also save you lots of airtime charges.. For example, Cingular provides unlimited call forwarding for a small monthly fee or for free if you combine your SBC billing.
    So when you are forwarded you can talk for hours without getting billed 1 penny!

    It saves time, saves plan minutes and saves your battery!

    You can try it out at:
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    I love the idea.

    Does it work with both the GSM and CDMA models regardless of the provider?
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    I have not been able to test it on all providers, however it does support GSM and CDMA. Please let me know if you have any issues and I will fix it asap!

    I am a Treo 600 fan and wrote this software because it was something I used to have with my old motorola v60 phone with cingular (hardware version of FastForward) and I was so used to it that when I got my Treo 600 and it didnt have it, I ended up writing the software myself.
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    The reason I ask is because I beleive each provider has a different way to activate/deactivate call forwarding don't they?

    Which providers has it been tested with?
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    Pretty neat. Does it pay the 10 cents a minute charge that Sprint charges for each forwarded minute too? If it does that I'd give it a try.
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    I would buy it, but I need a little more information... Screen shot, how it triggers the forwarding, etc.

    In a perfect World I would like one that could distingush certain chargers - (yeah, I know).

    If I am at the office then I don't want the call forwarded - just ring. If I am at home, however, I want the call forwarded to my home number. (Three-story brownstone, and I hate when it rings and I am on a different floor with no time to get to it before VM kicks in...)
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    Nice idea, but for me, Sprint forwarding fee makes this prohibitive.
    My personal work-around was to subscribe to the phone company's service called "Selective ring call forwarding". This service lets you select how many rings your land line will go and then forward the call to a predetermined #.
    I only let people have my home office number, where I am 75% of the time, sitting at my desk. If the phone rings, I'll usually pick up before the 3rd ring. If I don't answer after the second ring, the cll forwards to my mobile #. If I dont answer the mobile ring, it goes into my Sprint voiemail.
    The advantages are: I only give out one phone number and I only have one voice mail repository. And I don't have to remember to turn on or off call forwarding.
    The only negative is the fact that it takes up to seven rings before voicemail kicks in, but people who know me are aware and appreciate the fact that "One call does it all."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluejay
    Nice idea, but for me, Sprint forwarding fee makes this prohibitive.
    This is what I was afraid of. Why does Sprint make it prohibitive?
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    I bought it and registered, but it does not work for me...

    I have a T600 CDMA (sprint) and for the call forwarding status, it says N/A (does not matter if I turn it on or off). It does detect if it is charging or not, but calls don't get forwarded... would be nice if it did work (Especially since I registered it... :P)

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    Well, that was quick, I got an email within a few minutes from razik and he is working on it
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    I was wanting something like this, but I plug into a charger at work as well as home. And from what I can tell FastForward doesn't distinguish the location, so it wouldn't be so good for me. I suppose I could switch to a non-charging cable at work.

    A work-around would be to have a dialog come up when plugged in which asks whether to turn on the forwarding. It could even have big buttons to set the forwarding to either of a couple of places or not at all. After a time-out it could default to one of the numbers. Well, just my helpful feature requests. :-)

    Actually I figured out how to do what I want without writing any software. I just have my Treo always forward to my home number when the phone is "Off /No service" (Menu A, in phone app). That is a feature of GSM phones. So I just turn off the phone when I get home and put it in the charger.

    That works great for me since I have voicemail forwarding turned on at my home number, so it always calls my mobile to let me know there is voicemail on my home phone if someone calls the home phone directly or my reception goes out for a while on my Treo. And, since the reception is bad at home, it lots of times just rolls over to my home phone because I walk in the house and lose reception.

    Only problem with turning off wireless is that I don't get SMS till I turn it back on. Since there is only on person sporadically sending me those, that isn't such a big deal. SMS on T-mobile isn't really good anyway (I'll keep saying that till someone at T-mobile proves me wrong).

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    This is why I was asking so many questions about the application. I was afraid it wouldn't work with the Sprint version since Sprint's method on enabling/disabling call forwarding is a little different than the other carriers.

    bioart please let us know when and if you get it working correctly on your Sprint model.
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    I am working on the sprint issue as we speak. Igreenberg, you are correct in that there is a difference between CDMA and GSM forwarding and my app (is supposed to) handle that!

    Regarding location issues, yes thats what everyone is asking me, unfortunatly, the treo has no idea where it is and if anyone can think of a way to figure that out I am all for it!

    The T600 doesnt even have a pin assignment to know that its in a cradle so the only way that it knows its in a cradle is if its got power. If you had a cradle without power the treo would not know its in it.
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    I'm glad you're working on a fix. I'll be happy to purchase it once it's fixed.
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    Maybe use tower ID's to get a rough idea of where you are? I've looked through the Treo 600 Developers PDF, and haven't found any functions that seem obvious. I did download all the ROM files and grep for certain keywords, and it looks like there may be some promising unpublished APIs ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by razix
    Regarding location issues, yes thats what everyone is asking me, unfortunatly, the treo has no idea where it is and if anyone can think of a way to figure that out I am all for it!
    I was thinking about this and a workaround the location would be for the app to actually come to the foreground and wake up the treo when it got power, it would then allow the user to click one of two (or three) locations that were preprogrammed with different numbers. (make it easy for the user to use a finger to select it)

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    Thats not a bad idea.. it may be a solution..

    A feature that I am already working on is "Conditional Forwarding" so that you can tell it not to forward calls between 10pm and 7am on M-F so that you dont get "wrong number" calls forwarded to your home and waking you up at 3:30am!!

    A slight variation of this could be to program conditional forwarding for locations.. meaning at 10am - 6pm M-F I am at work.. so forward my calls there, after that forward my calls to home.. this can be done.. the only drawback is, one day your sick and stay home and forget to turn off this feature.. all your calls will go to office without you knowing..

    what do you guys think?
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    Sounds good to me.
    If someone is sick, they might not want to get the calls forwarded to home anyway.
    If they do, they'll just have to remember to shut the forward off.
    I am really glad you're working on this - I think you/we are discovering a lot of permutations are possible, but I would not worry about it if you can't solve all of them. It's just the perferctionist/want everything possible nature of some of us Treo users (those who are obsessive enough to read these messages every day!)

    Do what you can, don't worry about it, and charge more for the extra work!
    or have a simple (lite) version for $5, and a more sophisticated full version that costs more, IF you feel like it. Either way, it sounds like a great new application, that I look forward to trying.
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    What happens when the unit is plugged into the car cord?
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    That is a very good question! I dont charge my T600 in car and didnt think of this issue at the time.. FastForward when "ON" will always forward when plugged into ANY A/C source (cradle, home charger, car charger).

    Which is bad if you just use a car charger.. becuase it will forward calls while you are driving.

    So here is my question.. Do any of you use a "CAR KIT"? If so does it plug into the headset jack as well? I can then possibly check for that indication and not forward if the headset jack is plugged in because I do recall seeing a function to check that.

    please let me know.

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