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    I just wanted to add my 2c, Razix was great getting the app to work with Sprint. I wish all developers offered this kind of support (I have almost 20 emails from him with test versions and so on )
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    Thank you Dr. Art I really appreciate it - I try my best to put out quality work in anything I do.. and I was pretty upset about the sprint issue. The palm development message boards were of no help... to this day no one responded to my questions regarding this issue, I figured out the problem on my own by searching thru the header files and found undocumented calls specific for CDMA models that was not in the API reference guide. I am glad I was able to figure it out.. and I really appreciate your help for beta testing many versions of the code until we got it right! thank you!!
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    Found a bug today. My phone reset a few times this morning (from another application) and did not appear to hold the forwarding settings that I had assigned on FastForward. My phone was plugged into my charger. After the reset, FastForward showed that forwarding was not active anymore although it had been active before the reset. I then turned off FastForward and went to work, assuming my phone was no longer forwarding because that's what the program had indicated after the reset. I got a few text messages from my kids telling me that people kept calling my cell phone and getting my home phone so apparently, the forwarding was still in place even though it showed that it wasn't. So to summarize, two issues:
    1. The reset made it appear the forwarding had been disabled.
    2. The forwarding was enabled and I couldn't tell that from looking at my phone.

    Sprint phone btw
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    Thank you for the report.. you are correct and I will fix it asap.
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    Thanks Looking forward to the update
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    I downloaded this app as soon as you released it for the Sprint Treo. It works exactly as it should. I was happy to pay the nominal fee for such a useful product, I've paid alot more for apps I don't use nearly as much as I plan to use this.

    I don't get the best reception from Sprint in my home and this has solved my problem!

    I use Vonage as my VoIP home phone service provider and it works great!

    Looking forward to further enhancements that have been discussed in this thread. It's nice to see such a responsive developer.

    Thanks again!
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    Just out of curiousity - I have my phone radio shut down automatically each night and turn on automatically each morning. Both these events happen while my phone is on the charger and I plan to have FastForward active. Will the auto on/off affect anything?
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    Thank you for your support...I am glad you find FastForward useful. one thing... if you have poor reception it may not always forward (a message will pop up and tell you)


    Since forwarding takes place on your carriers side.. it will only work if you have reception. if the phone is off it will not forward while it is off. If your phone-off event happens "after" you stick it in the charger and "before" you pull it out.. then it should still work fine. one thing I can add to the code is to check for phone on/off events and see if its on the charger, if so then forward. That way if your phone is "off" before it goes into the charger but then turns on in the charger it will forward. FYI: I am still working on the issue where call fowarding switches to "N/A" after a soft reset.

    you sure seem to be using the most out of your treo! you always bring up good points!
    thanks again!
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    Just tried your app. Works well and I do agree with the other people who brought up the ideas of having a drop down list for "saved" numbers to forward calls. I also wish that the the phone app would display the "calls are forwarded" icon when FF has turned on forwarding. Perhaps this is only a Sprint thing??

    A optional feature would also be nice to configure FF to "ask" if it is OK to forward calls when it detects a power source. A simple popup window. It could also have a configurable timeout (x seconds) so it would automatically clear itself with a default answer (forward / do not forward). That would solve my use of carkits/adaptors/times I really do not want calls forwarded. Thoughts??? Should be an easy thing to add.
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    Everything you have said with I agree and I already am working on some of the items you stated. One thing you said that sounds like a great idea is the popup w/ default answer that goes away after x seconds... i think thats a great idea and gives people a choice each time.. yet if they are busy they dont have to answer it and it will still do the job.. great idea!!!

    The phone app forwarding icon is a bit tricky because forwarding happens on the service providers end and the phone app does not know that the call forwarding has been changed unless it was the app that changed it. If I can figure out a way to change the saved state of the phone application I can solve this problem.. but I have bigger things going on right now.. GSM phones seem to show the blue icon better than CDMA for some reason.

    The current feature which I am about to release is the carkit/headset check. I have it now set so that if the headset is plugged in or you put it in a carkit it will not forward calls. I am just waiting for a few beta testers to get back to me on this.. so far have only headset jack being tested.. no one with a real car kit...
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    Just to let everyone know that I just updated FastForward to v1.11

    2 issues adressed in this update:

    1) Fixed bug where a soft reset would cause FastForward to display "N/A" in Call Forwarding status and may cause FF to stop responding to charge events - until it was stopped and started again.

    2) Added new feature: You now have the option to NOT forward calls while using carkit or car charger! This was important to many of you so I put this high on the priority list!

    Thanks for all the feedback.. and just so you know im still working on the bigger features such as conditional forwarding and multiple forwards.

    take care,

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    Any chance of getting this program to delay a second or two? Now I am finding that I get an 'unable to turn off call forwarding check your [forget the exact verbiage]' message when I have a soft reset. This message always appears before my phone radio has a chance to turn on.

    This is Sprint if it makes any difference. I also have TreoHelper turning on my phone radio after a reset.
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    I am aware of this.. I will try to do somthing about that in the next release.. its not really a bug.. and in most cases it wont affect anything because if you have a soft reset in the cradle it was forwarded and it will remain forwarded after the reset.. so FF trys to forward again just to get back in sync.. even though you get that message.. FF will continue to operate normally where before it would stop working after a soft reset.

    what I noticed is that some soft resets turn off my radio and others dont. In the situations it doesnt turn off the radio.. you will not notice anything.

    Anyway to answer your question - yes I have an idea already of how to solve that issue and try to get it out in the next release..

    other than that is FF working ok for you?

    thanks for all the feedback!
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    Works great! I checked out the disabled forwarding in the car and that worked. There is only one thing that I would need to make this perfect for me - the ability to schedule when I want the forwarding active (when I am home) and not active (when I am work). It would be great if I didn't have to remember to turn FastForward off and on before and after work. Thanks for being so responsive
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    Im glad its working out for you.. the scheduling feature is already in the works! I already have a good chunk of it programmed.. Its just taking a bit longer to get it done because of the other little issues I had to fix first.. but you will be able to program different forwards for different days and time of the week.. its gonna have a totally redesigned interface. You will be able to have it forward to a number on any given day ie: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and then another number from 5pm-9am. and then another number all day sat-sun.. so there wont be any limitations, I will however keep the resposibilty of overlaping days and times to the user so if you set it up to try to forward to 2 different numbers during the same period it will only grab the first one.

    take care,

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    Quote Originally Posted by lb505
    Just out of curiousity - I have my phone radio shut down automatically each night and turn on automatically each morning. Both these events happen while my phone is on the charger and I plan to have FastForward active. Will the auto on/off affect anything?
    Sidebar..."phone radio"? What app is this and is it the same app that controls its on/off function or different?
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    It's the actual 'phone' part of the Treo. I turn the phone on and off at certain times of the day. It was the only way that I could stop my phone from bleeping and swooshing all night from text messages, e-mail, etc. There are several free programs that will turn your radio on and off at specified times.
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    Razix, registered the program btw. How could anyone go wrong for $5? I paid $30 for CallFilter and it doesn't do this right. Great job on FastForward.
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    Thank you for the support and all the feedback! you surely are treo power user! as for callfilter - that is the reason I made fastforward! I was looking for a program to do this and I didnt want any other feature.. just a simple little program to quickly forward calls. I found callfilter.. but it didnt work very well and messed up my picture caller ID and ringtones and it was $30!! im sure those issues will be fixed in later versions but for someone who just needs the call forwarding part.. there is no other solution.
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    FastForward v1.2 has been released.

    Re-wrote some internal code that could cause FF to cause more than normal battery drain.

    you can download the updated version at:

    please let me know if you have any issues with this release, it has been beta tested.. but a lot of the code has been re-written. thanks!

    Still working on v2.0 with multiple forwards and scheduling.
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