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    This blows! I just discovered I broke my Vaja Clip...

    ...after unhooking my T600 Classic Case from my belt. Don't know how that happened, as I take very good care of my case. Since I paid over $100 for my case (when I had money), I feel I should be able to request a free clip with free shipping. Or am I SOL? Has anyone else had this happen to them?

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    I have not had this happen, but you might have to pay for it. But hey, give it a try. You never know.
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    Great news! I just e-mailed Vaja customer serivce a nice note and they will be shipping me a clip free of charge!

    Until then, My T600 will remain in my case in my shirt pocket, but still in the case.

    Upon further inspection, I think I know what happened to my original clip. (Because the THB car kit is not working quite right,) I still drive with the Treo attached to my belt clip. I have a feeling some extra pressure from the seat belt or other scenario caused it to break.

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