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    I was looking around my company's ATTWS Premiere Website (the place where we go for foundation account discounts) and see that they have a Treo 600nc listed as well as a traditional GSM Treo 600. I was not aware that this model existed except as a Sprint CDMA one. Does anyone have one? Is it shipping?

    Just curious...

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    It seems to make sense that there will be no camera versions of all Treo 600 ROM variants. There is a bill going thru Congress today on camera phones and privacy. The most compelling reason is usually corporate policy regarding cameraphone use.

    I was at the movies recently and watched teenagers taking pics of the stars during the movie. It was very distracting and obnoxious seeing the bright screen in a darkened room. Digital cameras are a fact of life now - soon there will be entries in snooty etiquette books about where and when it is appropriate to use them.

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