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    I had to get a new treo today, because my other one quit working. I wanted to know if I will be able to sync all the programs and info I had on the old one to this one. I'm still just waiting for it to charge for the first time but thought I'd check if there is anything special I would have to do. Thanks.
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    i would think things would transfer just fine as long as you give yourself the same name/id. and even THAT might not be absolutely necessary. can't be all that much different than restoring your stuff after a hard reset, which has happened to me a bunch of times over the 2+ years i have had my tre0300. it's just palm software for the most part.
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    I've had my Treo replaced several times and everytime I've synced it's been nearly perfect. I think the only thing that I had to manually reset was LookAtMe.
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