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    As my corners started to peel I used a pair of nail clippers to trim back to where it wasn't peeling. Seems to work pretty well. It hasn't peel more since I've done that.
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    I have used the wrap backs for months and absolutely think you're flirting with danger without them. If you don't believe me check out the current post re dropping this jewel It has saved my bacon on so many occassions I can't remember. Quite simply, as the commercial says:

    Just Do It!
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    I am finding the side egrips curl up at the ends. How do you stop that?
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    Time to get out the old exacto knife and trim off the peeling corner (just buying time).
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    I guess "trimming" the peeling edge is the answer, but after only two week?.....dissapointed in thier durability, but they do seem to be an essential add-on to help prevent drops.
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    I've one side piece & the back piece on since last Nov.
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    Any recs of a brick and mortar store that will carry the Treo specific egrips? The local Radio Shack had nothing.
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    Do you mind having the sticky residue on your treo when you pull them off (if you are not going to use them again)?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mjm718
    So what's the word on the street about egrips? I read an old thread with positive reviews but would also be interested in hearing from others. Which model did you buy the wide sides, wrap around or original? Thanks.
    Loved Egrips for the first 4 months.. then it started peeling off at the edges. It is now a love-hate relationship. Looking for a better product at this time
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