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    I am a former Palm Vx user which was my first ever pda. I switched to a Ipaq 3955 about 2 years ago and really love it, but now I have a problem. I really am tired of lugging around 2 devices, cell/pda. Since I'm stuck in a 2 year contract with Sprint on 2 phones and don't want to pay $300 to get out, the only viable option I see is making the switch to one of these handy treo 600s.
    My questions for you who already own are:
    1. Should I wait til fall for the supposed new release 610?
    2. Is it easy enough to drop music onto and sd card?
    3. Is it loud enough on speakerphone if you need to access your data at the same time?
    4. Will it serve well for my needs which are Mp3, cell, email, basic pda features and web?
    I do know that the Palm Vx never locked up on me like my current unit does.

    Thanks for calming my fears, why do PPC users freak out anyway?
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    1. No one knows the exact date the next Treo will be released. It could be Sept.. it could be Dec... If you really want this phone go for it. I love my GSM model soo much more then my old Treo 270 (i feel your pain with the pda/phone thing... look at my signature)
    2. With CardExport 2.0 it is soooo easy to drag and drop files to the SD card! I have never had a problem.
    3. I am hearing impaired and several times I have used the speaker phone to access and record data. The speaker phone could be louder but I have managed fine as long as there was not alot of back ground noise.
    4. Mp3s are awsome with PTunes (with ptunes and lightwav you can do mp3 ringtones also!), It's a great cell phone hands down (wish it had voice dialing though.. coming soon from though!). Email is easy for the normal user with the built in program... though if you are a email-holic i would get Snapper mail. Basic PDA is nothing above what everyone else has, though everything is 5-way optimized. And Blazer does a good job, though some ppl prefer other browers. With Blazer you can download files OTA which is just awsome!

    The Treo with no 3rd party apps is rock solid. When you start to add programs, that's when your unit will start to cold reset on you. Twice in four months my Treo has reset b4 i could answer a call (idk what caused the problem though...) I used a PPC for a while and I did not see anything special about them. I have used a Treo (180/270/600) for over a year now and i'll never go back. Get the treo! and then get the handset replacement program, if you don't have it from sprint you will cry when you drop it!
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    If you're a fan of PPC, I would suggest looking into and waiting for the HP H6310 smartphone, which is SUPPOSEDLY due out in August. Despite waiting months and months for the Treo on Verizon, I am waiting to see if this new HP is the real deal before making the plunge. Hopefully the Treo will be a little more stable by the time it comes out and I can remain a loyal palm user.
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    Hi Shannon,

    1 - I am very happy with my Treo 600 - I wouldn't wait for the 610 unless I knew the definite release date & price.
    2 - I use a Lexar Jumpdrive Trio (no relation!) to do all my mp3 moving. It's USB2.0, so very very fast and very very easy on Win2k and WinXP.
    3 - Speakerphone is loud enough for me. I use it outside a lot, and find full volume is usually good enough even with traffic nearby.
    4 - I agree with bigredgpk - and I must say the 5 way navigator is *really* handy. I almost never use my stylus anymore.
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    I moved from PPC to Palm in getting the Treo 600 and it has not been a problem at all. The PPC is definitely more powerful and frankly, it is more capable. This is the only Palm OS product I have really liked in the past few years and this is mainly because of the connectivity. It does everything it is supposed to do, and does it well. Look at the Treo as a phone with great PDA capabilities and you will be quite impressed. If you look at it as a mini-PC(which the PPCs are quickly becoming) it won't be quite what you were hoping for.

    In the past 3 years I have owned the following: Palm(one of the thin ones like M515 or something), HP Jornada 548, iPAQ 3670, iPAQ 3970(I think that was it), iPAQ 1910, iPAQ 2215, iPAQ 4155, MPx200, Toshiba E805(currently have it), SonyEricsson P900, and the Treo 600. The best mini-PC handheld has been the E805, definitely the most capable PDA I've tried. The best PDA phone combo is the Treo 600, without a doubt. The P900 sucks, and the MPx200 is much more phone than PDA, leaving the Treo as the best balance...try it, you shouldn't be dissappointed.
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    I had a ppc for a while and was very unimpressed by the battery life. The Treo 600 has a big battery that for me lasts around 5 days. The reports I've seen of the HP new devices looks a lot less useful as they don't have a keyboard - which makes the treo a one true handed device.
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    Who is your wireless phone carrier? All the service providers have the Treo now, but if you're comfortable with a PPC device I know that Sprint PCS has several that you may like. Here's a link.
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    The new HP H6315 might give PalmOne a run for their money. 168Mhz, 64MB, BT, WiFi, Quad-Band, 320x240, attachable thumbboard, and 7 hours of continuous usage (playing mp3s, videos, surfing the net, word processing, etc.). Although I'm pretty sure my Treo 600 can get better battery life than that, this new iPaq certainly looks like a new device, albiet pricey at an estimated $600USD after 2 year contract.

    Even if I did have that money tho, personally I would still stick with my Treo even with the lack of BT, WiFi, and lo-res screen. I've been nothing but happy with my new phone.

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