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    Quote Originally Posted by dnederlof
    The next beta will feature an all new way of removing installed overlay files. You can try that one. Seems to work for most people.
    Thanks, I hope you post that new beta here or in ( I think apps are better managed on that site). Your app is great since it helped me to discover overlays. I also would like to know how to create them or where to find more and cooler ones. Also please enlighten me the overlays also change the wireless-on wireless-off screens. Thanks again.
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    I have reviewed all of the postings for this utility and cannot find the Verizon w-on/w-off screens (and yes, I know by writing this, that someone will send me the link . . . at least that is what I am hoping for :-) ).

    And one more ? - is the installation of these .prc's the same as for the dial pad overlays? Thanks for any confirmation and the Verizon file. Muchas gracias.
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    I am the author of Treo Button Manager, and am working on an update for the Treo 650. The problem is that I never name overlay files-- just the software to install them. I now need to make some overlay files for the 650, so that I can test my new software. I have been using Constructor, and have been able to change the graphics within the Phone.prc. But I don't really know what I am doing. Can somebody explain the process to me. It looks like the 650 has a very similar file setup to the 600. Any help would be appreciated, as I really want to get Button Manager for the 650 out.

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