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    At the PalmOne site, in a knowledge base article on playing mp3 files on the Treo 500, there is a link to RealPlayer for Palm. However, when I go to that link, it says the service is not available for Macs. Where can I download the RealPlayer files for the Treo 600? Thanks.

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    Realplayer has been around for PalmOS for two years, and quite frankly it sucks! I mean for a free player it's ok but if u can spare $20, get a better player.

    Anyway I'll link up the PRC file sometime anyway if u really really want it.
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    Thanks for the reply, Donald. I managed to download the .sit file on my Windows machine, and brought it over to my Mac. It doesn't list Treo 600 as one of the supported devices, but it does support Palm branded handhelds using OS 5 like T3. I'm hoping it will fly on the Treo. Thanks.

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    yea i had realplayer but i switched to ptunes which is free as well you get it as a gift when you the phone
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