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    Ok after poking around it looks like a few folks are having the problem that the PC portion of the verizon wireless syn program is generating a show stopper (well partly anyway) error.
    Unable to open Outlook Address Book

    I'm hoping anyone who finds a fix will post in this thread (the titles is easily search-able and spot able)

    I spent MANY hours on hold with Verizon to no good effect. The current techs have zero training on the product and seem to have no understanding that this problem exists only in relation ot the intellisync app accessing the local data (they wanted to to argue about weather you need a enhanced data plan or ect *sigh*). They don't have a data base answer for this yet so exprect much floundering on the phone and many long holds while the grasp at straws.

    Anyway, the good news
    If you only need to get E-mail working right now, then you can run the sync app that got stealthily installed to your Treo when you ran the intellisync installer. When you run it locally it will go off and find things no problem. If you run your hotsyn it will also trigger the verizon intellisync and move a bunch of empty data (not sure why it dose that though). So it's possible to get things partially working immediately.

    Anyone know somebody at Puma? Might be a while before Verizon is even willing to acknowledge that some toast is burning .

    I have tested on 2 different computers now with the same problem but both are running WinXP Sp2 with Outlook 2003. Anyone seeing the issue with OUtlook xp or 200?
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    I'm not in a position to test this currently, but I know that when I used to sync to Outlook, I would get a permission dialogue box from Outlook asking if I gave permission for the program to access Outlook Contacts (as a measure against virus spread).

    Could it be that you need to disable this feature or find some way to set up an ACL that permits Wireless Sync to access the contacts?

    Just a thought. I'll have to look into it more when I'm in front of my home computer.

    everything was beautiful and nobody hurt.
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    Griffon I have had the same experience with "IntelliSync" I was told by the VZW tech that they were currently having problems with this feature, however he didn't seem to know anything about the product. Please let me know what you find out.

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