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    I'm trying to decide what kind of case to buy for my Treo 600. Do the ones with plastic covering the keys and/or screen cause problems? Should I just get one that's open in the front? Thanks!
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    It depends on how much you use thre stylus. The plastic covers on the front of the cases make it difficult but not impossible to use the stylus for long periods of time. It is especially difficult to write letters with the cover on. Tapping is not too bad.

    If you use your stylus alot for hand writing I'd get a case without a cover on the front.
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    Thanks Green Lantern!
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    I bought a HS form fit case from www.cellularking on ebay for <$10. If you dont' use the stylus much it works well - enough stray drops of water have hit mine that I'm glad to havre had the plastic protecting the screen & keypad.

    FYI - cellularking has really low prices on Treo stuff, but you pay S&H on every item - still worked out to be a good deal, when I completed my order a lot of other accessories were offered at bargain basement prices.

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