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    I've got a Verizon Treo600 on the way, question: I stream my iTunes audio (MP3 and AAC files) from my home PC to business via dotTUNES (, anyone know if I will be able to stream to my Treo? Furthermore, is there a headphones jack on the Treo? I have an input on in my car I used to use with my iPod but if I can stream my audio to my Treo and play it over my car stereo I would be in convergence heaven!
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    The Trep 600 requires the use of an audio adapter to use it with headphones:

    As for your other question.....

    You may be able to somehow create your own Shoutcast server for your iTunes music, providing that you upgrade to the deluxe version of Pocket Tunes (the deluxe version includes Shoutcase streaming). I beleive a few people have done something similar, running it on their own home PCs.

    A search may yeild some information.
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    I already have the streaming server on my Mac, I just need to be able to access it from the Treo...

    dotTUNES is awesome, try it.
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    I don't think there is a way to stream dotTUNES to a treo. I have the same idea as you though. I am in the process of setting up a shoutcast server. It seams to be the easiest and only way todo this. Look at my thread for more info, the guys there are very helpfull.

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    Why not just use Apache, built in to MacOS X? Just turn on Web Sharing in the Sharing prefs pane, and put your music in /Library/WebServer/Documents/music and then point PocketTunes to http://your.addr/music/song.mp3

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    Peter - have you actually tried that? Does it work!? If so, I have a whole lot of re-encoding to do! I can't be bothered to go to all the trouble of doing all the shoutcast/server stuff, but if the above format would work, that would be GREAT!
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    If PocketTunes can read mp3s remotely then it should work fine with DOT Tunes.
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    Dude, I blew my geek friends away the other day ... I was like, "I wanna hear this Madonna Hollywood song" so I ssh'ed into my home machine, used lame to re-encode the 160kbit/sec mp3 into a 48k mono mp3, copied it to /L/W/D and then pointed PocketTunes there ... it was pretty off the hook ... all this while waiting for our plane to board :-)

    Apologies to the grammar police; I realize I sound like I'm 8 years old, but it was pretty 31173 :-)

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    If you're serious about doing this, here's what I would do: Use lame to re-encode your music, so you can just let lame run over the weekend or so.

    You might want to fiddle with the bitrate - buffering just ain't cool! You might want to drop it one notch below what you find works the best, to guarantee that you won't ever buffer, unless the commensurate aural quality drop is too painful.

    My own personal solution is this: I bought a 512MB UltraII SD card, and added a few hundred megabytes of my favorite MP3's, in full quality. This way, I can DJ a party / play music in my car / play through my headsets / etc. with just a tiny 1/8" adapter. I keep a copy of these top favorite tunes on my computer, so that I can wipe the SD card clean and fill it again with SoundRec if I want to record something interesting in the field. When I get home, just copy the SoundRec .wav to my computer, delete it from the Treo, and copy the music back onto the Treo.

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    With apache and PHP you could write a script that reencodes on the fly, that's what I do. Have it take it and stream the reencoded output to either a new file or stdout. Then no command line and temp files laying around.
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    Real, email me with details please.

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