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    Version 1.71 of Butler - some alert is being set off, but I can't tell what it is. I've got a strong hunch that it has to do with Chatter - anyone else experience this?
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    The latest version of Butler is 1.8

    The first thing I'd do is upgrade to the latest version and see if these unknown alerts go away.
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    Thanks for the heads up - I should have checked before posting
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    I upgraded to Butler 1.8, still getting the alerts - but now think this has nothing to do with Chatter (apologies to mblanc).

    I only get the alerts when I' using WebViewer. I open Webviewer, and in 10 seconds (my repeat alert setting) I get pestered with my alert tone (every 10 seconds). Does Webviewer interact with the alarm in the Treo somehow that would cause a trigger to Butler?
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    There is a similar thread somewhere on Lightwav playing MP3 files whenever WebViewer is accessed. I wonder if the two issues are related and it's more of WebViewer issue.....
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    There is a webviewer issue - it triggers the attention grabber 'attention manager' alerts. I've exchanged a couple of wemails with a webviewer guy about it. Probably good to let them know how many folks have a problem.

    Sounds like it's a problem with the java implementation on the palm though.

    Workaround is to disable attention manager in attention grabber - or use Xiino!
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    Yeah I had the same problem when I was trying to run butler and webviewer as well. i even disabled the attention manager cause I figured that was it but it just kept on doing it so I just removed butler for now.
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    1.9 now has a fix for this;action=post2

    the only real fix will be if people complain to IBM/palm about their implementation of the java vm though!
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