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    Hi there!
    I am looking for a utility which enables 5way nav button the cusor moving feature, like "VolumeRocker".
    ( My palm is Treo600)

    That VolumeRocker looked very useful,
    but I encounter frustration with it on "Web".
    When "Rockers post Tungsten T" is on for the feature,
    the maximum word length in web page turns to be default window size.
    Precisely speaking,
    when the word number exceeds the window size,
    Text entry window pops up to accept as long word as you type, then
    OK button moves back to the webpage.
    at the web page return,
    it forces the page moving back to the text entry window.
    This sequece iterates, until the length of word is within the web page window.

    The phenominon disappears when the "Rockers post Tungsten T" is disables.

    anyone advise to fix the issue, or inform me of alternative soft?
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    VolumeRocker and TreoNavSet (or whatever its called) screw up normal use of the 5way in many apps. I dont understand why they even exist anymore, they should be deleted from websites. Most apps have been updated to use the 5way anyway.

    If you want to make use of the volume keys on the side of the device, VolKeys is the best IMO since it can do true page up/down in some apps and is stable. It can also do top/bottom of page in Blazer (Web).
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    Thanx for quick response.

    Actually, I use "Butler" for up/down feature, that works very good!
    What I am looking for is the 5way nav utility which is really compatible with
    several palmlets,and which makes totaling free of screen touch, or
    almost 100% control by keyboards.
    (BTW, is the term of "palmlet" still alive???)


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